Man in Sydney’s southwest receives a frightening surprise

Man in Sydney’s southwest receives a frightening surprise

A man in Sydney’s southwest received a frightening surprise when he found a red-bellied black snake coiled up inside his black shoe. The man only realized the reptile was present due to its distinctive red belly, as it was almost entirely camouflaged. Handlers from Reptile Relocation Sydney safely removed the snake from the man’s home and warned others to store their shoes on a rack, off the ground, to avoid similar situations.

Handlers from Reptile Relocation Sydney have already removed several red-bellied black snakes from homes across Sydney since the beginning of the year. Red-bellied black snakes are commonly found along Australia’s east coast and have a potent venom that attacks the blood and muscles. Their breeding season occurs during spring when they’re most active in Australia. However, they can still be found outside properties, sometimes basking in the sun during the summer.

The incident has prompted social media followers to warn others not to leave their shoes outside. One follower suggested removing the shoes, while another recommended storing them inside. The handlers also shared photos of the snake hidden inside the shoe on their Facebook page, with snake catcher Cory Kerewaro joking, “It’s not Cinderella. It’s Sinderella slipping on a new shoe, and it looks like it’s a snug fit!”

It’s not just this incident that highlights the importance of keeping shoes off the ground. Handlers from Reptile Relocation Sydney have removed red-bellied black snakes from various locations, including a PETstock store in Gregory Hills and a property in Camden, where one snake was hidden behind a pipe. In Minto, handlers removed eight snakes from one site in January alone. The incidents serve as a warning to Aussies to be mindful of where they store their shoes to reduce the risk of similar situations occurring.

»Man in Sydney’s southwest receives a frightening surprise«

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