Bucks Fizz Star’s Daughter Comes Out – Cheryl Baker Celebrates Kyla’s Openness

Bucks Fizz Star’s Daughter Comes Out – Cheryl Baker Celebrates Kyla’s Openness

Cheryl Baker, the former Bucks Fizz star, recently expressed her “relief” after her daughter, Kyla, came out as gay at the age of 20.

Proud of Kyla’s openness about their sexuality and use of the pronouns they/them, Cheryl shared her happiness about the evolving societal acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals.

She also acknowledged the lingering prejudices and challenges faced by those like Kyla, who have encountered negativity regarding their sexual orientation.

Kyla’s Musical Endeavors:

Beyond their personal journey, Kyla, along with their twin sister Natalie, has delved into the world of music.

Cheryl highlighted Kyla’s involvement in creating a musical called Public, which received acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival.

With Kyla composing the music and Natalie contributing to the lyrics, Cheryl expressed her pride in their artistic achievements and hinted at her own influence as a musician and performer.

Financial Struggles and Home Sale:

Despite Cheryl’s success in the music industry, she revealed financial challenges, particularly exacerbated by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

Reports emerged about Cheryl and her husband Steve Stroud putting their Kent mansion up for sale, prompting speculation about their financial situation.

However, Cheryl clarified that while she faced financial constraints, the decision to sell their home was not driven by urgent financial needs but rather a desire to downsize and manage expenses more efficiently.

Challenges in Music Industry Earnings:

Reflecting on her time with Bucks Fizz, Cheryl shed light on the limited earnings she and her bandmates received during the height of their fame.

Despite achieving chart success with hit songs like “Making Your Mind Up,” Cheryl disclosed the financial realities of their contracts, which left them with minimal earnings per record sold.

She emphasized her pragmatic approach to money, prioritizing financial stability over material wealth.

Adaptation and Hard Work:

Amidst financial challenges, Cheryl’s resilience shines through as she explores alternative avenues for income generation.

From working as a gardening assistant to venturing into YouTube cooking videos, Cheryl demonstrates a willingness to adapt and work hard to support herself and her family.

Her pragmatic approach to earning a living underscores her commitment to financial independence and stability.

Home Sale and Future Plans:

With their family home on the market, Cheryl and Steve aim to streamline their expenses and embark on a new chapter in their lives.

The decision to sell their property reflects a practical approach to managing finances and seeking a fresh start.

As they navigate this transition, Cheryl remains focused on pursuing work opportunities and ensuring financial security for herself and her loved ones.


Cheryl Baker’s journey, marked by both successes and financial challenges, exemplifies resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Her openness about her daughter’s coming out and her candid discussion of financial struggles offer insights into the complexities of personal and professional life.

As Cheryl and her family embrace change and pursue new opportunities, they embody the spirit of perseverance and determination.

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