“This looks oddly sexual,” Peta’s crazy Thanksgiving memes were criticized, eliciting the remark “This feels oddly sexual.”

After People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) put its own take on a Thanksgiving staple, a pair of disturbing memes ridiculing meat eaters and promoting tofu turkey drew an unexpected internet reaction.

The dining tables have been flipped, and your family has gathered around your corpse to express their gratitude. One image captioned by PETA depicted anthropomorphic turkeys butchering a human for Thanksgiving supper.

The father turkey has his arms over his son’s shoulders as he instructs him where to chop the meat off the cooked human, while the mother turkey cradles her baby bulge.

While PETA was attempting to persuade people reconsider eating animals, the message was missed on many Twitter users who found the image amusing.

“POV: The dinner tables have turned,” PETA said on an unsettling meme.

“This is metal as f–k,” one person said.

Another user added, “I hope they made gravy because I’m chewy as hell.”

In response to a user who remarked, “You do understand that humans and turkeys are very different, right?” PETA declared:

“Humans may differ in appearance from turkeys and other animals killed for food, but we are essentially the same in every significant sense. We all think and feel; we all experience sorrow, fear, love, and happiness; and, most importantly, we all have a will to survive. Choose generosity during the Christmas season

Twitter users criticized another meme released by PETA as “weirdly sexual.”

“And some people still think Tofurky is odd,” Peta tweeted alongside a horrific image of two men and a woman devouring a turkey with a horrified expression.

The depicted characters are shown enthusiastically preparing to dine.

One male figure states in a speech bubble, “I can’t wait to suck up the fluids!”

Another male figure eats a forkful of the bird while remarking, “Mmm, she’s very juicy!”

Twitter users deemed this meme “strangely sexual.”

The scene is completed by a lady pouring gravy over a turkey with an expression that can only be characterized as “evil.”

People on the Internet were bewildered, upset, and baffled by the strange piece of viral marketing.

A user said, “People would take you more seriously if you didn’t do things like this.”

“I don’t believe PETA is acceptable,” remarked a second.

“Peta are exploiting Thanksgiving to send out their bizarre tweets,” a third user remarked.

Another user commented, “I have never seen a hornier Thanksgiving post.”

“I resumed eating meat due of this tweet,” said one user.

»“This looks oddly sexual,” Peta’s crazy Thanksgiving memes were criticized, eliciting the remark “This feels oddly sexual.”«

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