Scottish waitress is suing Nando’s after her ‘skin melted off’ when splashed with cleaning product

Scottish waitress is suing Nando’s after her ‘skin melted off’ when splashed with cleaning product

A waitress is suing Nando’s after being doused with a cleaning agent during her shift, causing her “skin to melt off.”

Speaking about the burn, waitress Ms Espie - who graduated from Abertay University in July -said it 'was so painful' and 'took months to heal'. She added: 'It's the scarring that upset me the most'
Mairi Espie, age 21, was severely hurt when cleaning detergent poured through her clothing as she was emptying a container.

The liquid was so corrosive that it melted the flesh on her right thigh and burnt through her pants.

Ms. Espie, from Dundee, required specialized care in A&E. She bears a lasting scar despite the fact that the incision has fully healed.

Regarding the distressing experience, Ms. Espie stated, ‘It felt like my leg was on fire; it was excruciating.’ I now have a permanent scar in a visible location on my body.

Ms Espie said she is suing Nandos as the burn happened because she was not provided with an apron or gloves while using corrosive cleaning products

Ms. Espie, a waitress who graduated from Abertay University in July, said the burn was so terrible and took months to cure. She continued, “The scars bothers me the most.”

Mairi Espie, 21, said that she was left with a three-inch sore that required hospitalization after being doused with caustic cleaning chemical while working at Nando’s in Nethergate, Dundee.

“The burn was so excruciating. It took months for the wound to adequately heal, but the scars caused me the most distress.

I have scars on both of my legs due to the splash, but the scar on my right thigh is the worst.

She continued, “I feel so uncomfortable wearing shorts or skirts.”

Ms. Espie was injured in December 2019 in the Nethergate, Dundee, Nando’s restaurant.

She was charged with replacing the dishwasher detergent, but as she withdrew the old bottle from the machine, she was sprayed.

The heavy-duty cleanser poured through her pants and melted her flesh, leaving her with a three-inch wound that required hospitalization.

The 21-year-old Scottish waitress stated, “I now have a permanent scar in a very visible location on my body.”

Ms. Espie was treated at Ninewells Hospital with a specialized washing procedure to remove the detergent. She was then wrapped and required more than a week of recuperation at home.

The 21-year-old, who graduated from Abertay University with a criminology degree in July, claimed, ‘I wasn’t given a particular apron or gloves or anything; we were just expected to go to work.

‘Taking legal action was not something I desired to do, but I felt I had no alternative when Nando’s brushed me off as if the incident never occurred.

“But it’s not; how could the flesh on your leg be melting away for no reason?” If nothing else, I just hope it makes things safer for others, since there must be individuals all around the country who work in hospitality and witness injuries like this on a regular basis and believe it’s part of the job.

Ms. Espie has filed a lawsuit against the eatery. The complaint, which was heard in court earlier this week, states that Nando’s is liable because it failed to do a risk assessment, supply Ms. Espie with PPE, and give enough training.

Simon Hammond, Partner at Digby Brown in Edinburgh, the company assisting Ms. Espie with an employer responsibility claim, stated, ‘Workplace injuries are regrettably a typical occurrence, but what’s truly regrettable is how preventable they are.

If Nando’s had taken simple precautions, Ms. Espie would not have suffered as much as she did; one need only look at the photo of her burn to comprehend the agony she must have endured.

A representative for Nando’s stated, “We vehemently refute these charges.” We cannot speak further as this is an ongoing investigation.’

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