MUST READ: Governor Wike SPEAKS Up, Issues VITAL Warning Ahead Of 2023; SEE What He Said

As Nigeria watches the national elections in 2023 progress, it is uncertain what the real conclusion will be, as suspicions continue to grow.
At this moment, Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has stated that his political colleagues should refrain from endorsing any candidate for the 2023 presidential election, preferring to debate the country’s concerns and challenges instead.
Wike, according to Sahara Reporters, claimed that no one had a better stakeholder qualification than him, given his experience as a governor and minister.
According to JoseyWrites, the Governor stated this during a Tuesday, February 1 interview on Channels Television.
He asserted that he could provide the necessary leadership for Nigeria to move forward.
Wike said;
” For somebody of my kind and record, a governor and a minister, I don’ t even see anybody who will tell me that he is much more qualified than me, I don’ t think that is possible.
” Assuming today I want to contest for the office of the President, what quality do you think I do not have? Why do you think I cannot provide the right leadership for Nigeria to move forward?
” My fellow politicians should rather talk about the issues and challenges facing the country instead of promoting their candidate. The presidential aspirants must tell the people how they would solve the problems facing the country. ”
Wike’ s Presidential Ambition
According to The Eagle Online, Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike’ s political ambition is gaining steam and appears to be attracting support, a sociopolitical group dubbed the Benue Unity Forum has endorsed him.
To demonstrate its support, the organisation has constructed billboards with Wike’ s image throughout Makurdi, Benue state’ s capital, eliciting shouts and curiosity from many citizens in the North central State.
When the billboard with the inscription ” undisputed Champion, let’ s go for Wike” was initially spotted by residents at Agan toll gate in Makurdi on Thursday, January 27, several people gathered around the place and saw the billboard with considerable curiosity and enthusiasm.
According to reports, after viewing the billboard slogan, a passerby identified as Johnson Oche was overheard stating, ” Wike for President. The action man is getting ready. Am happy to hear of this. ”
Similarly, when a woman known as Joy Doshima spotted the billboard, she said, ” Mr Project is coming to Makurdi. ” I will support him. ”
Lady Jemila Docas Sule, the group’ s initiator and Women Leader, Benue Unity Forum, reportedly stated that the association is a social and political group comprised primarily of women and youths who want to play a critical role in bringing about change in Nigeria’ s leadership selection process through the PDP.
She stated that the organisation had supported former military President Ibrahim Babangida’ s presidential bid in 2011 and also Chief Mike Okibe Onoja’ s governorship bid in 2007.
Jemila stated that why the group chose Wike as a role model and a candidate to support in 2023:
” Wike is the kind of good leader we envision for Nigeria in 2023 because he has shown excellence in Rivers State. He is exemplary, he is unique, he is brave, outspoken, courageous, and fights for the common people in society. ”
Additionally, she stated that regardless of whether Wike ultimately decides to run for President, Vice President, Senator, or Whatever, as the PDP may zone in his region, ” we will support him. ”
The Women Leader indicated that the billboard messages created recently are the first in a series of campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the organization’ s mission, adding that ” we are not sponsored by anybody to do the billboard. ” We raised by ourselves to do it. ”
When asked if Wike concurred with their actions, she stated:
” Not yet. Governor Wike has no idea of what we are doing at the moment, but he will get to know as we go on. We are exercising our right to support whoever we want. The right to accept or not is his. We are yet to have a first meeting with Gov Wike. ”
How Wike Disavowed Rumours That He Was Atiku’ s Running Mate
Meanwhile, Wike has refuted rumours that he would be the Peoples Democratic Party’ s presidential candidate’ s running mate (PDP).
According to the governor, he has not formed such an agreement with any politician.
” Please discountenance anything you’ re seeing about being VP to this and that. Discountenance all those social media talk, ” he stated on Tuesday, February 1, during a Rivers State PDP stakeholder meeting at Government House in Port Harcourt, as Channels TV reported.
According to JoseyWrites, the meeting was attended by party executives, national and state assembly members, LG chairmen, cabinet officials, and other senior party members.
Additionally, the Governor’ s statements come a day after former Vice President Atiku Abubakar was rumoured to be considering him as a running mate ahead of the 2023 elections.
However, Wike asserts that party members in the southern region would speak in unison and at the appropriate moment about their position on the upcoming election.
” The south will make a statement very soon and the day the south makes a statement, Nigeria will know that we are not joking.
” It is not to come out and say you are consulting. You say your consulting, yet you have declared. Is it not after consultations that you declare? ” , he inquired.
Meanwhile, addressing the topic of zoning unrest, the Governor stated that what is more critical at the moment is to work on developing a more cohesive party.
” Those things are not necessary, ” Wike said, adding that; ” what is necessary is that the party should be cohesive and to make sure the party gets it right.
” When you threaten that it must be north or threaten that it must be south, then you are not trying to make peace. ”
He also discussed the party’ s’ s chances of retaining the Rivers State Governorship seat and his administration’ s recent efforts to reclaim some vital state assets.
Wike Identifies His Preferential Successor
In a related event, Gov Wike of Rivers state announced in October that he is preparing for the 2023 general elections, boasting that his successor will emerge exclusively from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
He previously stated that efforts were being made to assure the party’ s triumph in the upcoming presidential election in 2023, according to THE NATION.
The Rivers governor informed the public that no project given by this administration will be abandoned in the state, as he intends to complete them all before his tenure expires.
Addressing a mass of PDP members gathered in Port Harcourt last October to meet those defecting from the All Progressives Congress (APC), Wike stated:
” No one project awarded by this administration will remain abandoned before we leave on the 29 May 2023.
” And then, another PDP government will come and take over from us. Let me assure you, God has already sealed it.
” Let nobody bother him, PDP will take over the Rivers State again because it is very obvious. Why will PDP take over? We will take over because we have made promises to you and we have fulfilled the promises. “