Leicestershire Teacher Banned from Classroom for Inappropriately Touching Female Students and Breaching Safeguarding Policies

Leicestershire Teacher Banned from Classroom for Inappropriately Touching Female Students and Breaching Safeguarding Policies

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Richard Newman, a business studies teacher at John Ferneley College in Melton, Leicestershire, has been banned from the classroom due to his inappropriate behavior towards female students, as stated in a Government report.


Inappropriate Conduct and Admission of Wrongdoing:

Mr. Newman acknowledged in a statement that his physical contact with pupils was not appropriate, acknowledging its duration, age suitability, or justification.

He expressed shame and regret over potentially upsetting his students.

Panel Findings and School Investigation:

The investigating panel deemed Mr. Newman’s actions “clearly inappropriate,” “deliberate,” and a violation of the school’s safeguarding policy.

The initial investigation was initiated after staff members overheard female students discussing incidents where Mr. Newman had massaged their shoulders.

The school’s investigation notes were provided to the panel, with student identities anonymized.

Student Testimonies:

Multiple students provided testimonies regarding Mr. Newman’s misconduct.


Student A stated that Mr. Newman would touch and massage her back during lessons, and she witnessed him doing the same to Student F. Student B claimed that Mr. Newman would regularly stand behind her and massage her shoulders, which she also observed him doing to Student A.

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Student C mentioned witnessing Mr. Newman touching Student D’s shoulders and ears. Student D reported that Mr. Newman touched her hair and ears, massaged her shoulders, and whispered answers in her ear.

Student E mentioned that Mr. Newman would place his hand on her shoulder, while Student F stated that he touched the ends of her hair.

Admission of Inappropriate Conduct:

In a letter from his solicitor, Mr. Newman admitted to occasionally patting or tapping students on the back, shoulder, or arm, patting their head or shoulder, ruffling their hair, and speaking quietly to them to discuss their work.

He stated that he did this to provide reassurance, encouragement, or positive feedback, without intending to make students uncomfortable.

Panel Decision:

The panel concluded that it was clearly inappropriate for a teacher to touch students in such a manner or whisper in their ears.

Mr. Newman’s actions lacked justification, and he failed to observe proper boundaries and adhere to the school’s safeguarding policy.

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Touching students’ backs, shoulders, arms, ears, and hair in the manner described and whispering in their ears were deemed unacceptable.


Expression of Regret and Shame:

In a statement to the panel, Mr. Newman expressed deep regret and shame for his actions, emphasizing his realization that making young people uncomfortable was unforgivable.

He vowed to adopt a more professional approach if given the opportunity to return to the teaching profession.

Recognition of Previous Good Performance:

The panel acknowledged Mr. Newman’s previously unblemished record and the positive testimonials provided by former colleagues.

They described him as a professional teacher with an easygoing demeanor that put students at ease and created a joyful atmosphere in his classrooms.

His commitment to safeguarding was also commended.

Prohibition Order and Decision Maker’s Remarks:

A prohibition order has been issued against Mr. Newman, preventing him from teaching in any educational setting in England.

The decision-maker, John Knowles, from the Teaching Regulation Agency, justified the order due to the risk of the behavior being repeated and the potential harm to future students’ well-being.

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The decision also aimed to maintain public trust in the teaching profession.


Mr. Newman has the option to appeal the decision in two years.

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