Turkey-Syria earthquake: Early morning earthquake hits Turkey, death toll nears 5,000

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Early morning earthquake hits Turkey, death toll nears 5,000

A third earthquake struck Turkey early Tuesday morning, a day after two others rocked the country and its neighbor Syria, killing at least 4,800 people and burying dozens more beneath the wreckage of collapsing structures.A third earthquake hit Turkey early Tuesday morning after two others devastated the country and its neighbour Syria a day earlier, killing at least 4,800 people and trapping scores more under the rubble of collapsed buildings. Pictured: A 14-year-old boy is seen being taken out of the rubble of a collapsed building approximately 24 hours after the first quake during search and rescue efforts in Kahramanmaras, Turkey

The 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck central Turkey at a depth of 1.9 kilometers, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), as rescue attempts continued in both nations as dawn broke and the dead toll in Turkey alone surpassed 3,300.

A winter storm causing near-freezing temperatures has hindered those desperately attempting to release victims from the wreckage of collapsed buildings, with the weather making it much more critical to find trapped survivors.Pictured: A woman cries while embracing another person, near the rubble of a destroyed building, following an earthquake in Hatay, Turkey

In the severely damaged Turkish city of Hatay, citizens cried out helplessly as the screams and cries of those trapped beneath the wreckage filled the air.

In a desperate attempt to reach them in time, rescuers have dug with their bare hands.Pictured: A man stands infront of a destroyed building in Malatya, Turkey as rescue workers continue their search for survivorsPictured: An aerial view of collapsed buildings inKahramanmaras, Turkey on Tuesday morning

Thousands of buildings were destroyed on both sides of the border, triggering a huge humanitarian crisis in an area already devastated by the years-long Syrian civil conflict. Tens of thousands have been rendered homeless and are sleeping in their cars or hunting for temporary housing.Pictured: 24-year-old Rumeysa Yalcinkaya is rescued from underneath the rubble in Kahramanmaras, Turkey on Tuesday morning - more than 24 hours after the first quake

A massive worldwide response will be necessary to combat the disaster. Multiple international rescue operations have been dispatched to Turkey and Syria in response to their respective calls for assistance.Pictured: People take rest next to a bonfire in the rubble in Kahramanmaras, Turkey

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»Turkey-Syria earthquake: Early morning earthquake hits Turkey, death toll nears 5,000«

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