Image depicts a remarkable discovery in the home’s walls

Image depicts a remarkable discovery in the home’s walls

Nick Castro, proprietor of Nick’s Extreme Pest Control in California, has over 20 years of experience in the pest control field.

He has encountered many weird things throughout his job, but a recent discovery startled him.

Castro was called to a home to remove a woodpecker that was storing acorns in the holes it formed, so causing damage to the siding.

When he hacked into the wall to remove the acorns, an endless stream of acorns began to come out.

Castro told The Dodo, “They just kept coming and coming and coming without pause.”

“Acorns were believed to be around one-fourth of the way up the wall. It turned out that they were stacked to the attic of the house.”

Castro dug further holes around the house, but the acorns continued to pour out, totaling over 700 pounds and filling eight huge trash bags.

According to the exterminator, the bird had cached acorns throughout the home, causing woodpecker holes throughout.

“You’d think this bird had stored food everywhere,” observed Castro.

“The bird’s holes had completely ruined the façade of the home. Acorns were scattered throughout the siding and trim.”

Castro declared the bird to be “crazy.”

“While we were there, we witnessed him filling in the holes he created,” he claimed.

The bird had inserted acorns via the chimney stack after creating hundreds of holes in the surrounding wood siding, and then entered the attic through the ventilation port holes.

“Acorns were stacked from the basement to approximately 20 feet up into the attic,” added Castro.

This situation was no exception to Nick’s Extreme Pest Control’s policy that “All animals are handled humanely and are never euthanized.”

The homeowners let the woodpecker alone and merely mended the holes outside the house.

It was believed that installing new vinyl siding would inspire the bird to locate a new location to store its food, which would ultimately benefit the bird, whose laborious efforts to find acorns were going to waste.

Castro stated, “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”


»Image depicts a remarkable discovery in the home’s walls«

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