Trial hears 25-year-old stabbed neighbor to death after fence panel struck him

A murder trial has heard that a man stabbed his neighbor to death after being struck by a piece of a fence panel.

On November 12, 2021, just before midnight, an incident outside of their houses in Marriott Road, Leicester, is said to have led to Mason Mills, 25, fatally stabbing 20-year-old Kieron Moore.

After being dragged away by companions, Mr. Moore reportedly attempted to leap over a fence to fight Mills. He then allegedly launched a second assault, striking his neighbor with a portion of a panel.

The court was informed that Mills then got a kitchen knife and stabbed Mr. Moore three times.

He is accused of murder and is on trial at Leicester Crown Court.

On his way home after an evening of drinking at Duncan Road Social Club, Mr. Moore got into two separate fist fights, the prosecutor, Samuel Skinner, told the court.

CCTV video of the altercations on Saffron Lane was shown for the jury.

Man, 25, stabbed his neighbour to death after being hit with part of a fence panel, trial hears

The first video was shot outside the club, where police had just arrived to quell some fighting.

The altercation resumed after Mr. Moore and a buddy left the scene when he ran into some of the other clubgoers farther down the street, the court was told.

Shortly after 11.30 p.m., Mr. Moore got home as the fighting died down.

The jury was informed that he reportedly attacked Mills after that.

According to Mr. Skinner, Kieron Moore had been involved in two fights and was inebriated. Over the fence, he was hostile toward the defendant and may have made threats to “have him.”

Then he leaped the fence and went up to the defendant. There was an altercation.

People interfered, but when Kieron Moore shattered a fence panel and struck the defendant with it, the fight resumed. Once again, people stepped in.

After that, according to the prosecution testifying before the court, Mr. Moore remained outside while Mills entered his home and pulled out a kitchen knife from a drawer before going back outside and stabbing his neighbor three times.

After the third stabbing, the knife’s handle snapped off and fell to the ground, where it was subsequently found by authorities.

Following his arrest, Mills, who also has a Wigston residence on Boulter Crescent, claimed to police that Mr. Moore had provided the knife, but Mr. Skinner testified in court that this is a lie.

The defendant walked back inside his residence to get the single knife, the author said.

Mr. Skinner proceeded by saying that the defendant left the security of his house, walked outside near Kieron Moore, got out the knife, and stabbed him.

He purposefully armed himself with a knife as he fled a fistfight.

While Kieron Moore initiated the altercation and struck the defendant with a piece of wood, the defendant arming himself with a knife, purposefully stabbed Moore.

This is not an act of self-defense. Either way, it was murder. He either planned to kill Kieron Moore or gravely harm him.

The experiment is still ongoing and is anticipated to last three weeks.

»Trial hears 25-year-old stabbed neighbor to death after fence panel struck him«

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