Suspected Palestinian terrorist shot 8 Israelis in Jerusalem’s Old City

Early on Sunday, a suspected Palestinian attacker fired at a bus outside Jerusalem’s Old City, injuring eight Israelis.

This assault comes one week after hostilities erupted between Israel and Gaza-based terrorists.

According to the Israeli hospitals who were caring for the wounded, two of them were in bad condition.

The bus was waiting in a parking lot next to the Western Wall, which is regarded as the most sacred place where Jews may worship, when the shooting took place.

According to Israeli police, teams were sent to the location to start an investigation.

In pursuit of the alleged assailant, Israeli security forces also advanced into the adjoining Palestinian community of Silwan.

After a difficult week between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, the incident in Jerusalem occurred.

Three days of intense border combat broke out last weekend when Israeli warplanes launched an attack in the Gaza Strip against the extremist organisation Islamic Jihad.

During the flare-up, Islamic Jihad launched hundreds of rockets in retaliation for the airstrikes that claimed the lives of two of its leaders and other militants.

In response to the group’s vows to retaliate for the arrest of one of its leaders in the occupied West Bank, Israel said the strike was launched.

In all, 49 Palestinians—including 17 minors and 14 militants—were killed in the conflict, which was put to a stop by a cease-fire mediated by Egypt.

Israel had no fatalities or major injuries.

The Gaza-based Islamic terrorist organisation Hamas remained absent.

A shooting that broke out during an arrest raid in the West Bank city of Nablus resulted in the deaths of three Palestinian militants and the injury of scores of others a day after the cease-fire ended the bloodiest round of violence in Gaza in more than a year.