Somizi’s ‘baby mama’: ‘He had multiple weddings without paying damages’

Somizi’s ‘baby mama’: ‘He had multiple weddings without paying damages’

Somizi Mhlongo opened up about his failed marriage and divorce to Mohale Motaung on the first episode of the fifth season of his reality series – Living the Dream with Somizi. The media personality addressed the infamous leaked audio clips by Sunday World in which Mohale claimed Somizi physically and psychologically abused him.

The Idols SA judge has a daughter named Bahumi Mhlongo with actress Palesa Madisakwane. She said that Somizi was really happy and in love with Mohale.

“He was really in love. I felt bad for him because I could tell he was really in love and I could see how happy he was when he found this young boy. You see, his little toy boy and it really brought some spark into his life,” she said.

The Generations star went on to say that she just stood back and observed because Somizi made the choice to have multiple weddings but not pay damages for Bahumi.

“He decided to go pay lobola and have multiple weddings without paying damages for my child. So, I just stood back and observed,” she continued.


So, how did Bahumi feel? Well, she said that she felt as if she was shut out and it was hurtful to find out he was getting married, the way she did.

“I was hurt in the beginning of their relationship because my father kind of shut me out. He wasn’t really explaining anything to me. Not that he owes me an explanation but it would be kind, just put me in the loop,” she said.

“Let me know that you’re getting married. To find out the way that I found out was very hurtful. Finding out that he was dating someone that is younger than me which was  first and he is bringing him into his life in a way that he hasn’t brought me in,” she continued.

She went on to say that she felt unwanted.

“It made me feel unwanted,” she added.