Lauren Boebert’s Ex-Husband Comes to Her Defense Amid Theater Groping Backlash

Lauren Boebert’s Ex-Husband Comes to Her Defense Amid Theater Groping Backlash


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Lauren Boebert’s Ex-Husband Comes to Her Defense Amid Theater Groping Backlash

Amidst the backlash following a video of Lauren Boebert and her date engaging in intimate behavior at a theater, the congresswoman’s ex-husband has stepped forward to defend her.

He has claimed partial responsibility for her behavior, acknowledging his role in her controversial actions.

A Theater Incident Sparks Outrage

The controversy arose when Lauren Boebert and her companion, Quinn Gallagher, were captured on video engaging in explicit behavior during a performance of Beetlejuice in Denver.


This behavior led to their ejection from the theater, with Boebert’s parting gesture being a rude gesture towards an usher.

Taking Responsibility for the Behavior

Jayson Boebert, who was married to Lauren for 18 years before she filed for divorce in May, took to Facebook to publicly defend his former spouse.

He expressed remorse and accepted some of the blame for her actions, citing his own unfaithfulness as a factor that contributed to her behavior.

An Apology and Plea for Understanding


In his heartfelt Facebook post, Jayson Boebert apologized for his past actions and urged people to give Lauren a chance.

He portrayed her as an exceptional wife, mother, and grandmother and emphasized her dedication and hard work.

The Nation and Constituents’ Response

Jayson Boebert reached out to Lauren’s constituents and the nation, requesting that they extend their forgiveness and regain trust in her.

He highlighted that Lauren had taken full responsibility for their divorce and deserved an opportunity to redeem herself.


Video Fallout and Lauren Boebert’s Response

The video capturing Lauren’s behavior during the Beetlejuice performance had stirred controversy.

She had initially denied some allegations, such as vaping during the show, but later attributed her actions to the challenges of her public and difficult divorce.

Unraveling the Divorce and Responsibility

Lauren Boebert’s ongoing divorce from Jayson, her husband of 18 years and father of her four children, has been a painful experience.


While she has insisted on her faithfulness during their marriage, Jayson has admitted to being unfaithful in the past.

Jayson Boebert’s Admission and Accountability

In a candid reflection on their marriage, Jayson admitted to being unfaithful in various ways and expressed deep regret for his actions.

He acknowledged that he had been selfish and thoughtless, causing harm to the person he held dearest.

Clarifying Motives and Divorce Context


Jayson debunked suggestions that Lauren left him due to her fame or a new lifestyle, asserting that these claims were far from the truth.

He emphasized that his own shortcomings were the primary cause of their marital breakdown.

The Relationship with Quinn Gallagher

It was revealed that Lauren Boebert and Quinn Gallagher, a divorced father, had been secretly dating for several months.

This revelation added complexity to the ongoing situation.


Lauren Boebert’s Explanation and Media Focus

Lauren attempted to explain her behavior during the theater incident, attributing it to her animated personality.

She acknowledged that she was overly animated, leading to disruptions during the show.

Media Attention and Distractions

Lauren criticized the media for focusing excessively on her behavior at the theater, suggesting that there were more pressing issues to address, such as government-related matters like an impeachment inquiry and border security.


A Lighthearted Comment from Her Campaign Manager

Lauren Boebert’s campaign manager, Drew Sexton, added a lighthearted comment, emphasizing that the congresswoman was indeed a supporter of the performing arts and had enjoyed a performance of Beetlejuice in her personal time.

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