Josie Gibson’s Heartfelt Tribute: Why Alison Hammond Is Her Favorite Co-Worker

Josie Gibson’s Heartfelt Tribute: Why Alison Hammond Is Her Favorite Co-Worker


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A Beloved Host on This Morning

Josie Gibson has solidified her position as a beloved host on “This Morning,” known for her infectious enthusiasm, charisma, and distinctive West Country accent.

Over the past 18 months, she has shared the screen with fellow hosts like Vernon Kay and Steve Jones. However, one co-worker holds a special place in her heart, and that is Alison Hammond.

A Bond Beyond the Screen

Josie and Alison, both iconic figures from “Big Brother,” share a bond that goes beyond show business. Their camaraderie is a testament to their enduring friendship, which shines through during their appearances on the show.


Josie doesn’t hesitate to express her preference, stating, “Of course I do, and I have absolutely no qualms in saying it.

Obviously, my favorite is Alison Hammond. I love Al – she’s got such a special energy.”

Christmas Celebrations and More

Their connection extends into their personal lives, as Alison opened her Birmingham home to Josie and her five-year-old son, Reggie James, for Christmas celebrations.

Josie’s admiration for Alison is palpable, as she describes her as “the kindest person on earth” and someone who radiates positivity.


Josie further elaborates on their deep connection: “We’ve been going on holiday together for years. Alison is very magnetic.

She’s very honest, and she would give anyone her last pound. When you’re really having a down day or are really stressed out to the max, you ring her, and she’ll make you feel amazing.”

Laughter and Support

Their friendship is marked by laughter, quick wit, and an ability to find joy in everything.

Josie acknowledges Alison’s humor, saying, “She’s really funny, and she’s really quick-witted.


She’s a lot funnier than me. It does wind me up sometimes!”

Josie adds, “She’s got this way about her – you just want to be around her. I hate that I’ve got to share her with everybody!”

A Lifeline During Lockdown

Their bond deepened during the challenges of the Covid pandemic, as they remained connected day and night.

Josie credits Alison with being a lifeline during lockdown, providing support and companionship when needed most.


In sum, the friendship between Josie Gibson and Alison Hammond extends far beyond the studio lights, embodying warmth, laughter, and unwavering support.

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