Historic Change: South Africa Allows Independent Candidates in 2024 General Elections

Historic Change: South Africa Allows Independent Candidates in 2024 General Elections

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

South Africa’s 2024 general elections will mark a significant change as independent candidates, not affiliated with political parties, will be permitted to contest the National and Provincial elections for the first time.


President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Electoral Amendment Bill into law, paving the way for this development.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), responsible for managing the country’s elections, has welcomed the new law, highlighting the increased legal certainty it provides and enabling the preparation for next year’s elections.

IEC’s Response to the New Law:

The IEC expressed its satisfaction with the new law, stating that it offers the necessary legal certainty for the upcoming elections.

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The commission believes that this certainty will benefit not only the IEC but also the voting public, potential candidates, observers, and other stakeholders involved in the electoral process.

Adjustments and Preparations by the IEC:

In light of the changes introduced by the new law, the IEC will be revising its processes to accommodate independent candidates.

This includes rewriting the Candidate Nomination System to facilitate the participation of independent candidates.


Additionally, the Results System will be redeveloped to record votes cast for independents and translate them into seats if the relevant threshold is met.

The IEC will also update its platforms and mechanisms of liaison with parties to include independents.

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Furthermore, the Political Party Funding legislation will be reviewed to incorporate the funding of elected independents.

Voter Registration and Inspection:

As part of its preparations for the elections, the IEC conducts registration drives to enable new voter registration and updates of existing voter details.

This process leads to the updating of the voters’ roll.

To facilitate this, the IEC plans to open its network of approximately 24,000 voting stations during the weekend of November 18 and 19, 2023.

Voters can also visit the local IEC offices or take part in activation campaigns to register and update their details.

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Online registration, inspection, and updating of details can be done on the IEC’s website before the elections are officially proclaimed.



The signing of the Electoral Amendment Bill into law in South Africa opens the door for independent candidates to participate in the National and Provincial elections for the first time in the country’s history.

The IEC welcomes this development, and in response, they will adapt their processes to accommodate independent candidates.

With voter registration drives and the opening of voting stations, the IEC aims to ensure a smooth and inclusive electoral process for all South African citizens.


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