Falz Opens Up About Life-Threatening Robbery: ‘We Thought We Were Going to Die

Falz Opens Up About Life-Threatening Robbery: ‘We Thought We Were Going to Die

In a candid interview with “Untapped,” Nigerian rapper Falz courageously shared the chilling details of a life-threatening armed robbery incident that unfolded on an Abuja highway in November 2013.

The rapper, along with two friends, faced a perilous situation that nearly claimed their lives.

The incident occurred as they were en route to an Abuja wedding, where Falz was slated to perform for a substantial fee.

The high-profile nature of the event added to the gravity of the situation.

Initially planning to travel by plane, circumstances led them to take the road, a decision that would prove fateful.

As they embarked on the journey, one of Falz’s friends expressed unease about the road travel and urged the rapper to offer a prayer.

Dismissing the concern due to the daytime setting, they continued, discussing the driver’s style and securing a promise for improvements.

Tragedy struck abruptly when a loud bang woke them from their conversation.

A man wielding an AK47 appeared in the middle of the expressway, firing shots at their car.

The third bullet tragically struck their driver in the eye, leading to his untimely death.

Falz vividly described the surreal and terrifying moment, recounting the chaos that unfolded within seconds.

The armed assailants, their turbans tied and guns blazing, posed a grave threat, prompting the passengers to take cover as bullets rained down on their vehicle.

The rapper’s narrative sheds light on the vulnerability of even those in the public eye, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of life-threatening situations.

Falz’s openness about this traumatic event serves as a reminder of the resilience required to overcome such harrowing experiences.

It’s a poignant revelation that adds a layer of humanity to the artist, transcending his public persona and underscoring the fragility of life, even in the midst of success.

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