Holiday Nightmare: Undiagnosed Pneumonia Leads to Life-Threatening Fall from Hotel Balcony

Holiday Nightmare: Undiagnosed Pneumonia Leads to Life-Threatening Fall from Hotel Balcony

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

British Man Fights for Life After Falling from Hotel Balcony: Undiagnosed Pneumonia Blamed


Dan Boyle, a 31-year-old British holidaymaker, is in critical condition after falling 30ft from a hotel balcony in Lanzarote.

According to his girlfriend, Ashleigh Lomas, Dan fell over the balcony wall on the third floor due to undiagnosed pneumonia.

Another holidaymaker performed CPR on him immediately, and he was rushed to a hospital on the Spanish island.

Doctors reportedly discovered the pneumonia during their examination, believing that fluid in his lungs from the chest infection caused his heart to stop and led to the fall.

The fall resulted in severe injuries for Dan, including a fractured skull, fractured breast bone, torn kidney, and broken ribs.

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He was transferred to a hospital in Gran Canaria, where he underwent brain surgery, kidney surgery, and was placed in an induced coma for four weeks.


Ashleigh, Dan’s girlfriend, expresses her desire for him to return home to their children, Daisy (8) and Daniel (3).

A Tragic Turn of Events and a Long Road to Recovery

Dan Boyle’s holiday took a devastating turn with the fall from the hotel balcony.

The undiagnosed pneumonia complicates the situation, highlighting the importance of timely medical intervention and awareness of underlying health conditions.

Ashleigh’s plea for Dan’s recovery resonates with the heartbreaking impact this incident has had on their family.

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The road to recovery may be long and uncertain, as doctors anticipate potential brain damage.

The financial burden of the necessary specialized flight back home further adds to the challenges they face.

Fundraising Efforts to Bring Dan Home


To ensure Dan receives the necessary care in familiar surroundings, Ashleigh has initiated a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of the flight back to Stockport, Greater Manchester.

While the hospital bills have been covered by insurance, the flight expenses remain a significant hurdle.

The support and generosity of others can make a profound difference in Dan’s journey towards recovery and reuniting with his loved ones.

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Conclusion: Hope and Support in Difficult Times

Dan Boyle’s accident serves as a reminder of how life can suddenly take an unexpected turn.

The undiagnosed pneumonia adds a tragic dimension to the incident, emphasizing the need for medical vigilance and early intervention.

Ashleigh’s determination to bring Dan home reflects the power of love and support in the face of adversity.

The collective efforts to raise funds for the specialized flight demonstrate the compassion and solidarity that can help ease the burdens faced by Dan and his family during this challenging time.


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