Cyclist jumps off van’s windscreen after crossing the road without looking

Cyclist jumps off van’s windscreen after crossing the road without looking

This is the moment a cyclist slammed into a vehicle windscreen with such force that the driver feared he was ‘dead,’ prompting him to exclaim to onlookers, ‘it wasn’t my fault.’

On May 23, plumber Ian Payne was driving to fix an emergency leak in Portsmouth, Hampshire, when a rider slammed into his bonnet from behind a parked van, seemingly without looking.

The rider, who was only wearing a baseball cap and no helmet, hit the car with such force that his head bounced off the windscreen and cracked it, before crashing to the ground and howling in pain.


The 68-year-old driver screeches to a halt and immediately shouts out of his window to tradesmen working next to them in ‘shock’, pointing out it was the cyclist’s error for racing across the junction without looking.

Mr Payne claims he called police and an ambulance but the cyclist rode off before the ambulance arrived – leaving Ian furious as he claims the rider had admitted to not being sober.

He  said: ‘Just when I’d come off the A3, there was a van on the island and there were some guys fixing a light.

‘As I was driving round, I was coming around about 18 miles an hour and then suddenly this bike just appeared from nowhere.

‘He’d come off the footpath, straight across one road then on a footpath onto the island and hit me. He was so fast.


‘It was just a shock at first. I did turn round and swear and shout at those guys fixing the lights, ‘It’s not my fault’, but I think that was just the shock of the moment.

‘I always thought I was a careful driver anyway, he was just going so fast I could never stop him. There was space for him to stop so really he should have stopped on the other side of the road.

‘I was shaking a little bit. I had to take a few minutes to get myself back because I did feel a little bit shocked. It did shake me up. The first hour I had to have a couple of cigarettes.

‘When he went down, I thought he was dead because of the force he hit the window screen. You can only see the cracks on the footage but the window screen was smashed right in.

‘The way that his head hit it, I just can’t believe that he walked away.’

Upon getting out of the van to check on the cyclist, Ian alleges that the rider admitted to not being sober.