Amanda Holden’s Affair with Neil Morrissey: The Dark Period in Her Marriage to Les Dennis

Amanda Holden’s Affair with Neil Morrissey: The Dark Period in Her Marriage to Les Dennis


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Amanda Holden and Les Dennis: A Look Back at Their Whirlwind Marriage

In a surprising revelation, it has come to light that Strictly Come Dancing star Les Dennis was once married to Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden.

Their union, which began when Amanda was just 22 years old and Les was 40, lasted for eight years but was far from the blissful relationship it appeared to be.

The Rocky Marriage of Amanda Holden and Les Dennis

Amanda Holden and Les Dennis tied the knot in 1995, shortly after meeting during the production of The Sound of Music in 1993.


Their wedding day was marked by Amanda’s stunning appearance in a white gown, silk gloves, a delicate pouch bag, and a tiara.

Despite the eventual turmoil in their marriage, Amanda has spoken fondly of Les in the past, referring to him as her “saviour.”

The Affair That Ended It All

The downfall of Amanda and Les’s marriage occurred in 2002 when Amanda had an affair with Line of Duty actor Neil Morrissey.

The affair, which lasted five weeks, began on the set of BBC’s Happy Birthday Shakespeare.


Amanda has publicly expressed regret for her actions, acknowledging that the guilt was unbearable and that it was a very dark time in her life.

The Fallout and Divorce

In the wake of Amanda’s affair becoming public, Les and Amanda announced their divorce just two weeks later. The betrayal and media scrutiny took a toll on Amanda, who described it as the worst time of her life.

Les, on the other hand, has since remarried and even joked about the situation, indicating that he has moved on from the betrayal.

New Beginnings and Happy Endings


After their divorce in 2003, Les Dennis found love again and remarried Claire Nicholson in 2009.

The couple has two children together, Eleanor Grace and Thomas Christopher, in addition to Les’s child from a previous marriage.

Amanda Holden also found her happily ever after with record producer Chris Hughes, to whom she has been married for 15 years.

They have two children, Lexi and Hollie. However, their journey together was marked by tragedy when their son, Theo, was stillborn at seven months in February 2011. Amanda recently commemorated the 10th anniversary of his passing by sharing a heartfelt message.



The article provides insights into the rollercoaster relationship between Amanda Holden and Les Dennis, from their whirlwind marriage to the affair that ultimately led to their divorce.

It also highlights the new beginnings and happy endings in their respective lives after their tumultuous marriage.

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