Alyssa Farah Griffin Labels Show’s Executive Producer a ‘Masochist

Alyssa Farah Griffin Labels Show’s Executive Producer a ‘Masochist


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Alyssa Farah Griffin, a star of “The View,” has publicly criticized the show’s executive producer for what she describes as a challenging audition process.

During a recent interview on the Behind The Table podcast, Alyssa shared her experiences and feelings about joining the popular ABC show.

She referred to the executive producer as a ‘masochist’ for pitting her against her political ‘nemesis,’ Stephanie Grisham, during the auditions for a co-host role.

A Wild Audition Process

Alyssa, who officially became a permanent co-host of “The View” in August 2022, revealed that she had gone through an extensive audition process that she characterized as ‘wild.’

Before landing the permanent role, she made several guest appearances on the show.


Challenges and Fears

In her interview, Alyssa candidly discussed the ‘concerns and fears’ she had when she first joined the panel.

She humorously mentioned that she ‘barely made it’ through her first year on “The View.”

Despite the challenges, she expressed gratitude for the support she received from the team and the viewers.

Rivalry with Stephanie Grisham

A major point of contention during the auditions was Alyssa’s rivalry with Stephanie Grisham, who had also appeared as a guest host on the show in 2022.

Alyssa admitted that it was ‘so defeating’ to compete against her former White House rival for a permanent spot at the table.


Stephanie had served in various roles in the White House, including communications director and press secretary.

A Surprising Friendship

Surprisingly, Alyssa revealed that she and Stephanie had connected and reconciled during the audition season, setting aside their past rivalry.

They discussed their issues and found common ground, eventually becoming close friends.

Alyssa commended Stephanie for her character and support, something she values in the competitive industry they both work in.

Political Backgrounds

Both Alyssa Farah Griffin and Stephanie Grisham have extensive political backgrounds, having worked in the White House during the Trump administration.


Their experiences in the political arena have shaped their careers and relationships, both inside and outside “The View.”

Recent Controversy

Alyssa’s political stance also made headlines when she publicly stated that she would not be voting for either Donald Trump or President Joe Biden in upcoming elections.

This declaration led to a heated exchange with her co-host Sunny Hostin, highlighting the diversity of perspectives on “The View.”

Despite the challenges and rivalries, Alyssa Farah Griffin’s journey on “The View” has been marked by personal growth, reconciliation, and the opportunity to express her unique viewpoints on the show.

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