Alec Baldwin requests that followers follow his wife Hilaria on Instagram: ‘Please?’

Alec Baldwin requests that followers follow his wife Hilaria on Instagram: ‘Please?’

This is very amusing.

On the occasion of his wife’s 39th birthday, Alec Baldwin shamelessly promoted Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram account and pleaded with admirers to follow her.

“Hello everyone. It is the fifth of January, the day before my wife’s birthday. The birthday of my wife Hilaria is on January 6th. “We don’t place the same importance on January 6th as others do,” Alec stated in a video posted to Instagram on Thursday, in reference to the attack on Capitol Hill on that date. We simply state that it is Hilaria’s birthday.

The 64-year-old “30 Rock” star then asked his supporters for a “small favor.”

“My wife appears to be mere centimeters away from 1 million Instagram followers,” he remarked. “And I’d like to ask you, as a birthday present or even as a gesture to my wife, if you would follow her on Instagram.”

Alec shared his affection for his wife and the significance of the extra followers on her wedding day.

On her 39th birthday, Alec Baldwin encouraged Instagram users to follow his wife Hilaria.

Clearly, I adore my wife. Obviously, I am obsessed with my wife. Clearly, blah blah blah, all the things we all say about the people we love,” he remarked. “My wife is the most extraordinary person I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. That’s correct. That’s correct. “That is absolutely true.”

The actor then pleaded with Instagram users once again to follow the yogi so she might reach 1 million followers as a birthday present.

“As many of you as possible, please. He pleaded, “Would you do that for me?” Would you be interested in following my wife on Instagram? Please? Thanks.”

Alec was attempting to assist his wife in reaching one million Instagram followers.

While some admirers responded to Alec’s post by expressing their willingness to follow Hilaria, others made fun of him for making the offer.

“What is wrong with you, I really adored you. Now I believe you’re losing your mind, remarked one user on the message.

“I would have respected a request to donate to a charity in honor of her birthday rather than focusing on his wife’s number of Instagram followers! Aren’t there more serious issues in the world that you could handle with both of your hands?

“Is this her present? Without prejudice, but really? I concur with others…how about donations…ridiculous,” concurred another.

“Why does it matter to your wife if one million strangers ‘like’ her? You, your family, and your close friends “love” your bride. Isn’t that what matters most?” A puzzled adherent inquired.

A fourth individual expressed the same opinion, writing, “I already follow her…. However, I’m genuinely confused; is this a joke? I’m perplexed as to why this is significant to her; surely she doesn’t care how many followers she has, right? In the grand scheme of things, her being your mother, wife, etc., is this truly significant?”

“Are you using centimeters instead of inches as a nod to her Spanish heritage?” said another, referring to the issue involving Hilaria, who was caught lying about her Spanish ancestry.

Someone else mentioned the scandal, adding, “Wait. Is her name not Hilary???”

Hilaria was born Hillary Hayward-Thomas in Massachusetts, despite convincing the public that she is from Spain and speaks with a Spanish accent. In 2021, Alec was embroiled in a scandal following his role in the fatal “Rust” incident.

As of Friday morning, Hilaria’s Instagram following remained at 995,000, indicating that she may not achieve her birthday wish of 1 million followers.

The couple, who wed in 2012, have seven children: Carmen, nine, Rafael, seven, Leonardo, six, Romeo, four, Eduardo, two, Lucia, two, and Ilaria, three months.

Ireland, Alec’s 27-year-old daughter, is also shared with his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. He was married to Basinger from 1993 till 2002.

»Alec Baldwin requests that followers follow his wife Hilaria on Instagram: ‘Please?’«

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