After contracting stomach bugs in Cape Verde, 500 TUI travelers initiate legal action

More than 500 British vacationers who had gastroenteritis during their summer stays at premium TUI hotels in Cape Verde have initiated legal action.

Amy Jacklin and Chris France opted for Cape Verde to spend their first vacation together as a married couple. But the couple said that their 'holiday of a lifetime' soon turned into a honeymoon 'from hell'
Tourists, including a newlywed couple on a “horrible” honeymoon, a man who was so unwell he passed out on the trip home, and a pair who have still not fully recovered from their vacation over two months later, described being fed raw food and staying in unsanitary circumstances.

The visitors claimed being served raw meat and meals covered with flies, as well as smelling a strong stench of sulphur in a hotel, which caused some of them to cut short their “dream” vacations.

More than 530 vacationers who stayed at seven hotels in Cape Verde, an island nation off the west coast of Africa, between May and October have hired attorneys to investigate after their ideal vacation turned into a “holiday from hell.”

Newlyweds Chris France, 32, and Amy Jacklin, 29, who were looking forward to their ‘dream come true’ honeymoon in Cape Verde, were among those impacted. However, they said that it quickly turned into a ‘holiday from hell’

Amy Jacklin and Chris France chose to spend their first holiday as a married couple in Cape Verde. However, the couple said that their “trip of a lifetime” transformed into a “honeymoon from hell”

In August, newlyweds Chris France, 32, and Amy Jacklin, 29, became unwell while staying at the Riu Cabo Verde.

Amy Franklin, age 29, was placed on a drip at the hospital after contracting a stomach sickness while on vacation in Cape Verde.

Pictured is the five-star Riu Cabo Verde, where Chris and Amy spent their honeymoon.

During their stay, they reported observing “filthy” conditions and “meal that looked to have been re-served” with flies and animals everywhere, even cats in the restaurant.

On August 9, only two days into their three-week holiday at the five-star Riu Cabo Verde, Amy began experiencing stomach problems, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Her symptoms continued to worsen until she was transported to the hospital, where she was placed on a drip after being dehydrated and discharged later that day.Newlyweds Chris France, 32, and Amy Jacklin, 29, both became ill during their stay at the Riu Cabo Verde in August

Approximately two weeks into the trip, her companion Chris developed the same symptoms and contacted a doctor at the hotel, who prescribed the couple medicine.

Amy stated, “Chris and I had a wonderful wedding, and a honeymoon in Cape Verde was supposed to be our dream come true.

“I truly wish we had never booked the holiday”: Couple from Devon describes ‘horror’ experience at five-star Cape Verde hotel, which included uncooked meals and salads infested with flies.

Nichola Morley, 52, and her 57-year-old partner, Darren Cartwright, traveled to the Riu Palace in May for a two-week vacation to celebrate Mr. Cartwright’s recovery from cancer.

Nichola began experiencing stomach pains, vomiting, and diarrhoea barely one day into their vacation, and the next day, Darren began experiencing identical symptoms and began hallucinating.

Nichola Morley, 52, and Darren Cartwright, 57, (pictured) are among those filing a lawsuit after contracting gastroenteritis while on vacation in Cape Verde.Amy Franklin, 29, was put on a drip in hospital after being struck down with a gastric illness while on her holiday in Cape Verde

After several days of not eating, both individuals were admitted to the hospital and placed on a drip. On her return to the United Kingdom, Ms. Morley was prescribed antibiotics and spent three weeks recuperating.

She recalled the state of the hotel by saying, “The salad was covered with flies.”

I took a piece of bread and a little piece of turkey, but when I sliced it open, the meat was pink and uncooked.

It had only been a few days since I had complained about bloody chicken, and I could not believe it was still occurring. It’s no surprise that individuals were unwell.

“I truly wish we had never planned the vacation, it was a horrible disaster.” We can only hope for answers at this point; it is the least we deserve.

The five-star Riu Cabo Verde (pictured) where Chris and Amy honeymooned

Our once-in-a-lifetime vacation transformed into the vacation from hell in just two days. Instead of enjoying our honeymoon, I was confined to a hospital bed with Chris at my side.

“As my condition began to heal, Chris became ill. Our honeymoon was wrecked and turned into a three-week nightmare for all the wrong reasons that we will never forget.

When the food looked to be re-served many times and there were insects and animals everywhere, even cats in the restaurant, we had our suspicions.

The filthy linens and unclean, chipped tableware were hardly what one would expect from a five-star establishment. Even after speaking with representatives, we felt that our issues were not adequately addressed.

“We know that others were unwell at the hotel at the same time as us, and I wouldn’t be shocked to learn if there were more.” It is unexpected, therefore I believe the least we can ask for is an explanation of what occurred.’

Richard Marshall, 46, from Finden, Derbyshire, felt unwell after spending a week on vacation in Riu Funana in Cape Verde over the summer.

On September 3, two days before his scheduled flight home, he was stricken with severe gastrointestinal symptoms, including stomach pains, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Even though he was still unwell, he was able to board his flight, but he passed out and awoke to find himself surrounded by paramedics in what he described as a “terrifying situation.”

Richard stated that the cuisine at the hotel was “undercooked,” with the chicken sometimes seeming “raw.”

He stated, “There were flies everywhere, and there didn’t appear to be much of an effort to keep the eating areas as clean as one would anticipate.”

“I will always remember this year’s vacation for all the wrong reasons. It was a terrifying experience to wake up on the plane surrounded by paramedics and then be transported to the hospital.’

Another traveler has reported that she is still too weak to return to work over two months after getting ill at a hotel in Cape Verde.

Karen Edwards, 58, and her partner, David Watkinson, 55, from Pwllheli, north Wales, stayed at the TUI Blue Cabo Verde on October 2, but were forced to cut their vacation short and even pay for an early ticket home due to terrible stomach cramps.

The pair had complained about the hotel’s food quality, describing it as “absolutely awful” with flies and cats everywhere.

Karen stated that on one occasion, after cutting into a lasagne, she discovered the meat to be raw and pink.

Richard Marshall, 46, from Finden, Derbyshire, said that he passed out on the journey home after being unwell at Riu Funana in Cape Verde. He rated the hotel’s meals as seeming “undercooked,” with the chicken occasionally appearing “raw.”

In Cape Verde, Mr. Marshall stayed at the Riu Funana hotel (pictured)

Karen Edwards, 58, and her partner David Watkinson, 55, from Pwllheli, north Wales, report that they are still recuperating after becoming unwell during their October vacation at the five-star TUI Blue Cabo Verde hotel in Cape Verde.

Despite obtaining medical care at the hotel, their problems remained, and they felt compelled to leave immediately.

Karen, a store owner who returned to the United Kingdom on October 9, is unable to return to work because she has “not totally healed.”

After the trip, Dave was diagnosed with Campylobacter, an infectious condition that may be spread from animals to people.

She stated, “Dave and I have not yet entirely recovered from what we endured at that dreadful hotel, and I believe that someone should explain how the situation that left us so unwell was allowed to grow.”

We are still unable to comprehend that this is a five-star TUI hotel.

Lesley Breed, 53, who traveled to the Melia Dunas Report in July with her husband Grant, 53, and son Finn, 15, is another complaint.

Lesley Breed stated that the beef at the Melia Dunas Resort in Cape Verde was “undercooked” during her visit (pictured)

During their visit, the entire family became unwell, with Lesley noting, “I’m not surprised when I recollect the overcooked meat and terrible cleanliness at the restaurant.”

I recall calling housekeeping twice for necessities such as toilet paper and water, but ultimately having to go to the front desk myself.

It’s no wonder the hotel is in such a shape if they can’t even get the fundamentals correctly.

“Something must be done to prevent others from experiencing what we did.”

The flight time from the United Kingdom to Cape Verde is around six hours. Its promise of year-round sunlight makes it a popular vacation destination.

Jatinder Paul, a senior associate at Irwin Mitchell, stated that the law firm was’supporting more than 500 people, including more than 200 people who stayed at the Rui Palace Santa Maria alone, who at best had their vacation ruined and at worst had their health seriously affected as a result of their stays in the Sal region of Cape Verde.

Mr. Paul, who specializes in international personal injury cases, continued: ‘The fact that so many people were injured at these hotels in the same region under the same tour operator has left the people we represent with many questions about what happened to them this summer, and we’re determined to help them find the answers.’

TUI has been reached out to for comment.

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