Tyler Perry says the palace treats Meghan and Harry like a batterer

Billionaire Tyler Perry equated witnessing his mother experience domestic abuse to how Buckingham Palace treated Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as a “batterer.”

In the final episode of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series, the actor, comedian, and producer, 53, makes an appearance to explain why he offered them his LA mansion. He claims that because he witnessed his late mother Maxine being abused by his father, he “knew the symptoms” of coercive control and abuse.

Perry said that the palace had mistreated Meghan and Harry as well, cutting off their financial support and depriving them of protection, among other “things a batterer would do.”

He stated, referring to Meghan and Harry, “She was mistreated.” And he was also. I recognized the signs when I saw them. I spent years witnessing my mother’s abuse.

His alcoholic father Emmitt Perry, who Perry has previously said beat him so badly as a toddler with a vacuum cleaner cord that his skin tore off his back, mistreated Perry and his mother Maxine for years.

To use the institution to try and do everything a batterer would do, such as “here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to cut off the money, we’re going to not leave you with security, we’re going to do all those things to make you comply and come back,” he continued, referring to how the palace acted.

I praised them both for having the guts to declare, “I don’t care if it’s the palace, I’m out of here.”

Perry said that he had been in touch with Meghan the day before her wedding to give her support.

Meghan didn’t phone Perry again to express her “afraid” of the media and the royal family until two years after she wed Harry. Perry said that during their conversation, he offered the couple the use of his $18 million Beverly Hills house for personal purposes once they abdicated the throne.

The 24,000 square foot, eight-bedroom home in the Tuscan style that Perry paid $4.3 million for is situated on 22 acres of property.

When the pair had been staying on Vancouver Island briefly, Tyler Perry had commented on their predicament, saying: “They simply wanted to be free.” They want the freedom to love and be happy. They lacked a strategy. There was no strategy.

Perry continued by stating that Meghan had phoned him sobbing and that she was “afraid.”

“I heard the terror.” It was obvious. Perry answered, “I heard it. So I inquired as to what she was scared about. And she took a deep breath and then she began naming the things that she was terrified of.’

“And I told her that every one of her anxieties was legitimate,”

The majority of what Perry knew about the Royal Family, he said in the documentary, came around Princess Diana’s passing. Perry also claimed to have seen Diana being “thrown to the wolves” when her marriage broke down.

So it stung to tell Meghan that her sentiments were legitimate, he added. I was hesitant to tell her that. Though I didn’t want her to think that, I also didn’t want to tell her a lie.

She was worried that they would hurt her, drive her insane, or make her believe she was mad.

Meghan informed the show that Perry assured her that his Beverley Hills property was secure and that he would take care of their security.

He responded, “You’re not going to stay for a week,” after Meghan told him they would only be staying for one week. I’ll bring you there securely, and I’ll keep you there safely until you have someplace else to go. You may remain as long as you need to.

Although it was kind of Tyler to offer the royals a place to stay, who is said to have a net worth of $1 billion, he was not left without anywhere to go since he owns several other homes.

A $100 million, 40,000 square foot, eight bedroom, twelve bathroom home in Atlanta, Georgia, and a log lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, are among the properties in his vast real estate portfolio.

Additionally, he owns a seven-acre island that is close to a 25-acre private island in the Bahamas, where he had a home and many cottages custom-built.

Tyler gave Meghan and Harry a magnificent welcoming present of a grand piano along with the remark, “Write the soundtrack for your life,” when they bought their own home, a large estate in Montecito that is just a short distance from the residence of another famous friend, Oprah.

In the past, Perry has used his fortune to assist others in need. He intervened in 2019 to assist four children whose mother had reportedly been shot dead by her lover outside a Georgian bank.

In the Wells Fargo parking lot outside of Atlanta, Tynesha Evans was fatally shot. Othniel Inniss, her lover, was detained on the spot. He is 58 years old.

Perry intervened to offer his assistance less than a day after the tragedy that befell the Evans family.

Perry volunteered to cover the family’s rent after hearing the tragic news in order to prevent eviction.

Evans’ funeral will be held in Wisconsin, where Perry arranged for her remains to be transported by air.

In order to prevent her 18-year-old daughter from quitting school, the actor and director will also pay for her tuition at Spelman College.

In August 2020, Perry gave a vehicle to an Atlanta Women’s Organization that offers hygiene goods to those facing homelessness. In April 2020, Perry also paid for the groceries of senior customers at 44 Kroger shops in Atlanta and 29 Winn Dixie stores in his hometown of New Orleans.

Perry reportedly volunteered to cover the costs of Rayshard Brooks’ burial and the college tuition for his four children.

Before his job propelled him to success, Perry, who claims he was once “broke as hell” and homeless, dropped out of high school and struggled as a dramatist. He later became the first African American to independently run a studio.

After growing up with an abusive guy who he subsequently discovered was not his father, Perry said that he “had no mentors” on his journey to the top and learnt everything on the fly.

He has previously claimed that using his creativity as a “escape” from the difficulties at home.

In 2019, Perry said, “No matter what was happening to me, whether it sexual assault or anything else, I could flee and be someplace else.”

I could spend hours creating these universes. That’s where my talent for writing came from – the grief and the anguish, which I didn’t recognize at the time.

One of four kids reared by mom Maxine, a preschool teacher, and dad Emmitt, a construction worker, was the movie mogul.

Regarding his early years in New Orleans, Louisiana, Tyler remarked, “I don’t believe I ever felt secure or protected.”

Perry remembered a moment when his violent, intoxicated father had beaten him so severely with a vacuum cord that skin had been torn off of his back.

The agony would begin on the weekends, he said. “I never had the impression that he loved me.” yastmastmastmastmastmastmasti as He never made me feel appreciated. Never had the feeling of a person to him.

When his mother attempted to escape the violence by loading the children into the automobile, Emmitt reported the vehicle as stolen, which led authorities to locate the family and allow them to return home.

With regard to the challenges associated with his mother leaving his father, Perry remarked, “He had a job and was a provider.” I understood that Mom wanted to keep me safe, but there was always tension.

Despite having no personal contact with Emmitt and learning at the age of 41 that he was not his biological father, Perry continues to help him financially and finally forgiven him for his wrongdoings: “Holding on was hurting me more than him.”

Tyler had difficulties in his personal family as well as being “sexually assaulted” by three different men and a woman by the time he was ten years old.

It was a rape, he said. I had no idea what was happening or how far-reaching its repercussions would be. I just passed past it. Boys don’t weep; they just shut up and go on. There was a lot of anger in my teenage and early 20s from holding on to all of that and not knowing what to do with it. After dropping out of school, he first worked at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans, where he would sneak into the annual National Association of Television Program Executives conference.

Later, while he sold automobiles and collected debts, he started writing screenplays.

His first performance took place when he used $12,000 in savings to rent a community theater and stage the play “Know I’ve Been Changed,” which told the tale of child abuse survivors.

At this point, Perry was forced to spend three months living out of his car while he worked on everything from the lights to selling snacks during intermission to start making enough money to be able to pay rent once more.

Tyler overcame his childhood tragedies to become a major player in Hollywood, earning more than $500 million just from the movies based on his most well-known character to date, Madea, which caught Oprah Winfrey’s eye.

The well-known figure, which was inspired by Perry’s late mother Maxine and his aunt Mayola, helped set the stage for the construction of a 330-acre film studio just outside of Atlanta, Georgia’s city center.

She would be really proud, he remarked. “Who’d have thunk it?” she would exclaim. She was good at that. Who would have thought you could have created everything?

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