Suzanne Ferencak, of Loudonville, Ohio, claims she captured a Bigfoot howling outside her home

After witnessing a “7-foot-tall, hairy beast” roaming outside her home, an Ohio lady claims to have recorded the cries of Bigfoot.

After their initial purported encounter with the Sasquatch in 2013, Suzanne Ferencak of Loudonville has been searching for them. In July, she posted a two-minute video of them screaming outside the Mohican State Park.

The Mansfield News Journal was given access to the recording, which shows beastly howls in the woods that park officials had mistakenly attributed to a coyote looking for its pack, but Ferenack insisted that it must have belonged to Bigfoot.

Ferencak claims the Bigfoot has been stalking her home (pictured)  for years

Ferencak said the loud howling was Bigfoot, saying, “You hear some howls, then you hear a chorus of coyotes, and then you hear howls again.”

‘This is the first time I ever recorded howls,’ she added.Many Americans continue to be on the hunt for the iconic ape-like creature, whose existence has never been verified

In July, Ohio resident Suzanne Ferencak (left) claimed to have recorded a Bigfoot howling outside her house close to Mohican State Park. Ferencak and her husband Bernie are shown here posing in front of a Bigfoot statue.

According to Ferencak, who spoke to the News Journal, she has been looking for the Sasquatch since since she came encountered a big, hairy creature in May 2013 close to her house.

She has been looking for proof of the supposed Bigfoot, who she claims has been prowling about her home for years, for the past nine years.

The beast allegedly regularly howled in the woods behind Ferencak’s home and pounded on the house at one point. One purported close encounter allegedly made Ferencak consider leaving.

‘Then all of the activity stopped,’ Ferencak said. ‘It was like, ‘Wow, where did it go?’

Since then, she has purchased an audio recorder to place around her home in pursuit of the cries of the Bigfoot, and her audio library now has more than 20,000 hours of recordings from the area.

Despite claiming that she has never before recorded any respectable noises from the creature, she now insists that the tape from July 3 is authentic since it was reviewed by an unnamed audio professional who is reputed to be an authority on Bigfoot.

I do hear a reply after the third howl that signals a second (Sasquatch) in the neighborhood — not a coyote,” the expert said in a letter to Ferencak, expressing their judgment.

‘That responder makes a low, flat howl that ends with an upwhoop. Then the coyote chorus kicks in.’

According to Ferencak, the specialist thought the howling she captured was a female Sasquatch “crying out for her kids.”

Numerous Americans are still looking for the fabled ape-like monster, whose existence has never been proven.

Ferencak claims she first saw the 7-foot-tall hairy beast near her home nine years ago, and since then, she has been searching for proof of Sasquatch.

Ferencak claimed she was pleased to have recorded the howlings in time for the significant Bigfoot Basecamp Weekend event at Pleasant Hill in September, despite skepticism regarding her recording.

The gathering will bring Bigfoot enthusiasts from all across the country together to share their tales and offer proof on the highly sought-after species.

‘We’re just hoping a lot of people come forward with their stories,’ Ferencak said.

‘There might be people out there who are afraid to come forward out of fear of being ridiculed, and I definitely understand that.’