India’s Spiro Partners with Afreximbank in $50 Million Deal to Boost Electric Motorbike Presence Across Africa

India’s Spiro Partners with Afreximbank in $50 Million Deal to Boost Electric Motorbike Presence Across Africa

Spiro, an India-based electric vehicle (EV) company, has secured a $50 million debt financing deal with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) to bolster its operations and expand its market presence.

The company’s current footprint spans six countries—Benin, Togo, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Ghana—with plans to extend its reach to Cameroon and Morocco within the year.

Mapping African Markets and Identifying Opportunities

Over the past two years, Spiro has meticulously mapped out various African cities, identifying potential markets for its electric motorbikes.

The company claims the title of the largest operator of electric motorbikes in Africa, focusing primarily on two-wheelers.

This strategic approach has allowed Spiro to understand the unique needs and opportunities within different urban environments, setting the stage for successful expansion.

Current Operations and Future Plans

Spiro’s operations are already well-established in Benin and Togo, where the company first launched. In these two countries alone, Spiro has deployed 11,000 motorbikes and set up 300 battery-swapping stations.

Since its September 2023 launch in Kenya, the company has deployed 800 motorbikes, with another 300 motorbikes introduced in Rwanda. Looking ahead, Spiro plans to roll out 1,000 motorbikes in Uganda before the end of 2024.

Ambitious Goals for the Next Five Years

Kaushik Burman, CEO of Spiro, expressed the company’s ambitious goals during the African CEO Forum held in Kigali. “We want to do 1 million units of 2-wheelers in five years,” Burman stated.

This target underscores Spiro’s commitment to revolutionizing the electric vehicle landscape in Africa by significantly increasing the availability of electric motorbikes.

Integrating Technology for a Sustainable EV Environment

Burman emphasized the importance of creating a sustainable electric vehicle environment that integrates various facets of the industry. Beyond establishing fast battery recharge and swapping stations, Spiro is investing in advanced technologies such as Internet-of-Things (IoT), comprehensive mapping, and a ride-hailing application.

“It is like Uber but it doesn’t need bikes. But we are making bikes and we are going to be like Uber with a ride-hailing app,” Burman explained. The app will feature a payment system and be accessible to both drivers and riders, enhancing user convenience and service efficiency.

Advanced Tracking and Innovation

The technology incorporated into Spiro’s operations allows for detailed tracking of motorbikes and batteries, providing valuable insights into usage patterns.

This multilayered ride-hailing platform and the accompanying technological features are supported by a dedicated team of 50 engineers working from Spiro’s innovation center in Pune, India. This robust support system ensures continuous improvement and adaptation of the company’s offerings.

Growing Investment in Africa’s EV Market

Spiro’s recent funding aligns with broader investment trends in Africa’s electric vehicle market. Investors have shown significant interest in companies like BasiGo, Roam, Max, and Spiro, driving the continent’s EV market growth.

According to data from Mordor Intelligence, the African EV market is projected to grow from an estimated $15.80 billion in 2024 to $25.40 billion by 2029. This substantial growth reflects the increasing demand for sustainable transportation solutions across the continent.


Spiro’s $50 million deal with Afreximbank marks a pivotal moment in the company’s expansion strategy.

By leveraging advanced technology and strategic market insights, Spiro aims to significantly enhance its presence in the African electric vehicle market. With ambitious targets and a clear vision for the future, Spiro is poised to play a leading role in transforming sustainable transportation in Africa.


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