Richard Madeley Reacts to Unexpected Inclusion in Russell Brand Dispatches

Richard Madeley Reacts to Unexpected Inclusion in Russell Brand Dispatches


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Richard Madeley’s Astonishment in Russell Brand Documentary

Richard Madeley expressed his astonishment upon discovering that he was featured in the Russell Brand Dispatches documentary.

The documentary, which delves into allegations of rape and sexual assaults against comedian and actor Russell Brand between 2006 and 2013, was the result of a joint investigation by Dispatches, The Sunday Times, and The Times. Russell Brand has vehemently denied these claims, asserting that his relationships were always consensual.

Good Morning Britain Discussion

As Richard Madeley and co-host Susanna Reid discussed the documentary on Good Morning Britain, Susanna informed Richard that there was a clip of him and his wife, Judy Finnigan, included in the documentary.


Richard appeared surprised by this revelation and inquired further.

The Interview Clip

Susanna explained that the clip in question was from an interview, which Richard believed took place around 2008 or 2009.

She described the moment in the interview when Judy Finnigan raised an eyebrow and commented on Russell Brand’s behavior, to which Richard responded, “Mmm, butter wouldn’t melt.” Susanna wondered whether there was more to Richard’s comment and whether he was aware of Russell Brand’s reputation at the time.

Richard’s Response


Richard clarified that the interview occurred a long time ago, and he had never heard any allegations against the comedian.

He expressed that had he known about such allegations, they would have had to address them in the interview.

Richard acknowledged that Russell Brand had a reputation as a womanizer but stated that he had never heard specific allegations of illegal conduct.

Russell Brand’s Reputation

Richard further elaborated on Russell Brand’s reputation as a promiscuous individual but emphasized that he had not heard of any accusations suggesting non-consensual actions.


He recalled that Russell was known as an “operator” who pursued sexual opportunities but reiterated that he had not been aware of any specific legal allegations against him during the time he worked at Channel 4.


The article highlights Richard Madeley’s surprise and response to his unexpected appearance in the Russell Brand Dispatches documentary, shedding light on their past interaction and Russell Brand’s reputation.

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