Notorious ‘Happy Face Killer’ Engages in Letters with Gilgo Beach Suspect Rex Heuermann

Notorious ‘Happy Face Killer’ Engages in Letters with Gilgo Beach Suspect Rex Heuermann

In a chilling connection behind prison walls, Keith Jesperson, infamously known as the ‘Happy Face Killer’ for murdering eight women, has struck up a pen-pal relationship with Rex Heuermann, the accused Gilgo Beach serial killer awaiting trial.

The exchange of letters provides a rare glimpse into the minds of individuals serving time for heinous crimes.

Happy Face Killer’s Letter of Advice:

Jesperson, now 68 and serving multiple life sentences in Oregon, wrote to Heuermann, 59, advising him to confess to the crimes.

The letter emphasized avoiding a trial spectacle that could attract media attention and urged Heuermann to spare prosecutors the opportunity to ‘gloat’ about presenting evidence.

Conditions and Complaints from Behind Bars:

Heuermann’s response, dated August 31, acknowledged Jesperson’s advice, expressing gratitude for the letters and describing them as a source of help and comfort.

Heuermann, currently held in Long Island, complained about jail conditions, including mundane aspects like dry bread and a gloomy exercise yard.

The Peculiar Dynamics of Prison Correspondence:

Keith Rovere, a podcast host specializing in interviewing serial killers from prison, facilitated the exchange.

Rovere clarified that the aim is not to glamorize or justify the actions of these individuals but to provide insights into their personalities.

He shared the letters, emphasizing the intent to explore the human aspects rather than delve into the details of their crimes.

Heuermann’s Situation and Legal Proceedings:

Heuermann, facing charges related to the murder of three sex workers, updated Jesperson on his case, mentioning the inundation of letters and requests he received from various individuals.

Despite his not guilty plea, Jesperson encouraged Heuermann to be honest and suggested that a trial could attract unwanted attention.

Happy Face Killer’s Counsel on Prison Life:

Jesperson advised Heuermann to brace for a lengthy legal process, suggesting that a deal might be the best course of action.

He highlighted the potential benefits of avoiding a trial, including a smoother transition into prison life with better conditions compared to jail.

The Intricacies of the Criminal Justice System:

Jesperson, known for his past crimes and currently deemed extremely dangerous, offered insights into the workings of the criminal justice system.

His messages underscore the complexities and challenges individuals like Heuermann may face, urging them to navigate their legal situations with a pragmatic approach.


The correspondence between the ‘Happy Face Killer’ and the accused Gilgo Beach serial killer adds a surreal layer to the understanding of the minds behind some of society’s most gruesome crimes.

The letters reveal a peculiar dynamic, offering a rare peek into the thoughts and interactions within the confines of prison walls.

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