Mystery around Channel 4 Dispatches is scheduled for 90-minute special for 9pm on Saturday.

Mystery around Channel 4 Dispatches is scheduled for 90-minute special for 9pm on Saturday.

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Mystery Surrounds Channel 4 Dispatches Special

A sense of mystery and anticipation has enveloped the upcoming Channel 4 Dispatches documentary, scheduled to air on Saturday night at 9 pm.

Social media has been abuzz with speculations about the subject of this 90-minute special program, with rumors suggesting it could be related to a well-known public figure.

Speculation on Social Media

Rumors and discussions on social media platforms have reached a fever pitch as people speculate on whether the documentary may uncover a scandal involving a prominent individual.


The secrecy surrounding the content of this program has piqued the curiosity of many.

Limited Information in TV Guide

The Channel 4 TV guide provides limited information about the highly-anticipated documentary, listing it as a ‘New: Dispatches Special.

A 90-minute special Dispatches investigation.’ However, when attempting to access the program page, a message indicates that the page cannot be found, adding to the intrigue.

Radio Times Listing


Radio Times magazine included the program in its listings for the week, describing it as part of the ‘Dispatches – Investigation series covering issues in British society, politics, international current affairs, health, religion, and the environment.’

Broadcast Schedule

The documentary is scheduled to conclude at 10.30 pm on Saturday night. It will also be repeated on Channel 4 on Sunday at 10.50 pm and on Monday on Channel 4’s sister channel, 4seven, at 9 pm.

Reactions and Comments

Various individuals, including Channel 4’s news anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy, have shared an image of the Channel 4 TV guide description on social media, further fueling speculation and curiosity about the program’s content.


Channel 4’s Response

As of now, Channel 4 has not responded to inquiries from MailOnline regarding the content of the documentary, maintaining an air of secrecy and suspense around this upcoming special.

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