Montesalvo family is accused by daughter, Courtney, of ruining her life

Montesalvo family is accused by daughter, Courtney, of ruining her life

The Montesalvo family had been searching for their missing daughter, Courtney, for nine years. Courtney suffers from bipolar disorder and postnatal psychosis, and her family had been concerned about her mental health since she left Australia with her Italian husband and son in 2014. Despite their efforts to contact her, the couple had taken down their Facebook accounts, and phone numbers no longer worked.

Three years later, with the help of a private detective, the Montesalvo family finally tracked Courtney down to Ancona, a small town in central Italy. However, their long-awaited reunion quickly turned to despair when they found Courtney in a state that bordered on catatonic. She was walking around in circles on a tennis court and had a completely different appearance. Worse still, when her father and younger sister spoke to her, Courtney told them she wanted nothing to do with them, accusing them of ruining her life.

The family visited Italy to try and persuade Courtney to come home, but it was six years ago, and they have since been unsuccessful in finding her whereabouts or getting in touch with her. The family believes that Courtney’s allegations are untrue and that her mental state is a result of not taking her medication. Courtney was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 14, and her family believes that she stopped taking her medication after marrying her Italian husband.

The Montesalvo family is concerned about Courtney’s safety, and they fear that her mental health may have deteriorated to the point where she is a danger to herself. They are now talking to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for assistance. A spokesperson for the department confirmed that they are providing consular assistance to the family but could not provide further details due to privacy obligations.

»Montesalvo family is accused by daughter, Courtney, of ruining her life«

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