Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1FM: Enhancing Traffic Management and Community Engagement

Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1FM: Enhancing Traffic Management and Community Engagement


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The Leader of Lagos Division Ambassadorial Team, Ambassador Ismail Atitebi, recently expressed his admiration for the remarkable contribution of Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1FM to the state.

He highlighted the agency’s versatility and significant impact on traffic management within the region.

Strengthening Collaboration for a Shared Vision

During a courteous visit by Ambassador Ismail Atitebi and his team to the station, he extended a call for an enhanced partnership with Lagos Traffic Radio.

The objective behind this collaboration is to effectively propagate the vision and ideals of the Ambassadorial team.

The team’s recent accomplishments in community service and engagement against drug abuse further underscore the importance of such collaboration.


Invitation to a Pivotal Summit

Ambassador Atitebi utilized the occasion to extend a formal invitation to the General Manager of Lagos Traffic Radio, Tayo Akanle.

The invitation is for Akanle to serve as a distinguished guest at the Association’s upcoming summit.

The summit, titled “Digital Future: Unleashing the Power of Youth in Techno-Cultural Revolution,” is anticipated to be a significant event in fostering knowledge exchange and innovation.

Mutual Admiration and Prospects for the Future

Tayo Akanle, the General Manager of Lagos Traffic Radio, conveyed his commendation for the Ambassadorial team’s numerous achievements.

He affirmed the station’s eagerness to collaborate with the team to achieve even greater feats collectively.


As a testament to this commitment, Akanle assured the visiting delegation that the forthcoming summit would be broadcast live on the station, providing a platform for in-depth discussions about the event.

Empowering Residents through Information

Akanle emphasized the station’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the lives of Lagos residents.

One of the primary ways the station contributes is by providing prompt travel advisories for roads, waterways, and railways.

This initiative aims to reduce commute times and streamline travel experiences for residents.

Technological Advancements and Collaborations

A notable aspect of Lagos Traffic Radio’s success lies in its adoption of technology for real-time traffic updates.


Akanle highlighted how this innovation has led to a significant improvement in the quality and accuracy of live traffic reports.

Furthermore, the station has collaborated with the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) to provide updates on train movements, even before the establishment of the Lagos Blue Rail.

Akanle encouraged listeners to anticipate more updates regarding the Lagos Blue Line’s commencement of operations and the completion of the Red Line.

In essence, Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1FM stands as a pivotal player in traffic management and community engagement within Lagos State.

Its commitment to leveraging technology and collaboration for the benefit of residents reflects a proactive approach in addressing urban challenges.


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