Khayri was killed yesterday while walking home from school

Khayri was killed yesterday while walking home from school

Khayri McLean, a 15-year-old kid who was forced down and viciously stabbed outside the school gates before being killed, has been identified.

Tragically, at 3 o’clock yesterday, Khayri was murdered while attempting to return home from North Huddersfield Trust School.

The youngster was evacuated to Leeds General Infirmary as emergency personnel flocked to the scene, but he was tragically declared dead soon after.

According to Good Morning Britain, the mother of the little victim arrived at the scene this morning and was “overcome with sadness.”

Both 12 year olds Ruben Duncan-Keane and Alfie Wilkinson claimed to have seen the horrifying occurrence as they were leaving school.

With their parents’ consent, they spoke to media about how they saw a teacher try to do chest compressions on a student who had been stabbed.

Alfie said that before school let out, his friends had seen “two males in balaclavas” loitering.

He stated, “Unfortunately, they got him. They knew who they were looking for.

When he initially began, Khayri had toured Ruben about the campus. Ruben said: “I’m traumatised.” I just witnessed him on the ground, attempting to get chest compressions from a teacher.

With their mothers, the lads had gone to the spot to leave flowers at the unfortunate teen’s grave.

I didn’t get much sleep last night since I kept waking up, Alfie continued.

I sobbed as soon as I learned that he had passed away.

“I didn’t even know him, but I’m here to lay flowers for him because nobody’s life should be lost in such a way,” you may be saying.

He had just begun year 11 and was getting ready for his GCSEs. It should not occur. The very least we can do is to pay our respects here.

‘The juvenile was detained at a residence in Huddersfield just before 5am this morning in connection with the incident in Woodhouse Hill, Fartown, yesterday afternoon,’ a spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Police said.

He is still in jail, and officers from the West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team are in charge of the continuing investigations.

The West Yorkshire coroner verified Khayri’s identification.

The NHTS student who was assaulted yesterday at 3 p.m. in Woodhouse Hill was.

There was just one lone bouquet of flowers and a message that said, “May you soar with the angels,” at the site. RIP.

‘Marcia, I’m sorry for your loss. Ali Montano is loved.

West Yorkshire Police increased patrols in the area tonight after describing the incident as a “extremely senseless loss of a young life.”

In a statement, headteacher Andrew Fell said: “It is with great regret that I must inform you that one of our students has sadly lost their life after an incident on Woodhouse Hill Road yesterday.

After the event, the student was brought by ambulance to the hospital, but despite their best efforts, the medical personnel was unable to save their life.

“This is upsetting news for our students, your kids, and our staff,” said the spokesperson. For everyone in our community who feels they may benefit, we will provide specialised help.

According to the announcement, only children who need assistance will be admitted to the school after 10.30 a.m. today.

West Yorkshire Police have opened an urgent investigation, thus Mr. Fell said that it would be inappropriate to provide any other information at this time.

“I would advise everyone to refrain from making assumptions about potential causes or offenders and to give the police the time they need to conduct their investigations. A statement was made public.

We send our sincere condolences to the student’s family and friends, who undoubtedly feel as grieved as we do. They have lost a loved one, and our school community has also lost a beautiful kid.

The Homicide and Major Enquiry Team (HMET) of the police is looking into the event and is still present there as of right now.

At 2.54 pm, the incident—which happened in the Fartown neighbourhood of Huddersfield—was reported to the police.

A sign is left where a boy was stabbed yesterday, pictured in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, reading 'we breathe despair'

A sign is left where a boy was stabbed yesterday, pictured in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, reading 'we breathe despair'

Afiya Mahmood, 39, who lives across the street from the school, said: “My husband messaged me to tell someone had been stabbed outside the school. I work from home.” It had to have been a half-hour or so since the event.

I hurried up to see what was happening even though I hadn’t heard anything.

From the window, I could see the youngster and the paramedics tending to him. There was blood, but everything has now been cleaned up.

Approximately 15 to 20 paramedics were there, or at least that is how it seemed. Then they removed him.

It’s quite stressful and upsetting. It’s surprising, isn’t it? It’s just a little guy.

After the stabbing transpired yesterday afternoon in Fartown, Huddersfield, a PCSO is seen standing there.

In the vicinity of the event, Yorkshire Air Ambulance had sealed off the highways (shown), and parents express their grave anxiety.

In order to place flowers beside the cordon, Billy Shankland went to the site with his son, a Year 7 student at the school.

“It’s terrible, I have a kid in the same age range, I can’t image what the family is going through,” he added.

Although he did not know the youngster, he had pals who did. It surprises me.

We don’t know whether it’s targeted or random, so anything might happen, which makes it really (concerning). It’s frightening.

A poem was left on the railings outside by Lucy Smith, a local who lives close to the school.

“I believe we’re all in shock,” she said, adding that anybody with a family must be feeling startled and heartbroken. I have two adolescents who are around the same age.

“It was incredibly essential for me to be here, when things like this happen, to simply make us feel better when we are all feeling absolutely helpless in the face of violence and thinking about a family that must be coming apart today,” the speaker said.

‘It was a terrible moment when I heard there had been problems and a teacher answered my 14-year-old son’s phone,’ a parent who is 46 and has a kid enrolled at the school told Yorkshire Live. I know he may have seen part of what occurred.

Staff requested me to pick him up, so I did. I’ve heard it all happened at once. This student was seized, forced to the ground, and brutally stabbed.

Roads around the event had been closed off by Yorkshire Air Ambulance, and parents expressed great anxiety.

Another parent, whose daughter attends the school, said the increase in criminality in the neighbourhood “has to be addressed” and added, “My daughter just began there and was getting on the bus home.” A student was attacked by a boy wearing a black hat and snood who then fled after stabbing him.

She saw the altercation but missed the knife or the blood. She seems to be OK, but I believe she is still processing what occurred since the bus had just driven up and partially obscured the occurrence. She has just been attending this new school for a few weeks.

The location, he said, was beginning to “feel like a criminal drama.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman stated: “Police received a third-party allegation at 2:54 p.m. this afternoon that a youngster had been gravely hurt in an incident in Woodhouse Hill, Huddersfield.

Images from earlier today revealed that the incident had at least six police vehicles attending to it.

Detective Superintendent Marc Bowes, the senior investigating officer, stated: “Our investigation is still in a very early stage, and we will be conducting extensive investigations to establish the full circumstances surrounding this incident that has resulted in the absolutely senseless loss of a young life.

“We are working closely with our colleagues at Kirklees District who are increasing their presence in the area to reassure people and keep them updated as our investigation progresses,” said Kirklees District. “We recognise that an incident of this nature will cause understandable shock and concern in the community.

“We have already identified a number of witnesses to the actual event, but we are still interested in hearing from anybody who has any information that might help the investigation,” the statement reads.

Anyone with information is urged to get in touch with HMET detectives at (911) or online at ( and mention case number 13220521713.

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