Keir Starmer’s Pledge to Rewrite Brexit Deal Draws Criticism from Conservatives

Keir Starmer’s Pledge to Rewrite Brexit Deal Draws Criticism from Conservatives


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Keir Starmer’s Brexit Revision Promise

The Conservative Party has expressed concern and dismay following Keir Starmer’s declaration that he intends to rewrite the Brexit deal should he assume the role of Prime Minister.

Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, articulated his desire to amend the painstakingly assembled post-referendum agreement to restore closer ties with the European Union (EU).

However, he emphasized that such revisions would not entail the UK rejoining the EU as a member state.

The PM-in-Waiting Image


Simultaneously, Sir Keir Starmer released a polished video showcasing his interactions with left-wing politicians during a summit held in Montreal over the weekend.

This event forms part of his ongoing effort to present himself as a Prime Minister-in-waiting, with a forthcoming trip to Paris to meet Emmanuel Macron scheduled for later this week.

The video featured Sir Keir engaging with Justin Trudeau and a brief appearance by Tony Blair.

Labour’s Critique of the Current Deal

Labour has consistently criticized the trade and cooperation deal negotiated by Boris Johnson, which is slated for review in 2025.


Given Sir Keir’s staunch support for the Remain campaign and his previous calls for a second referendum, the Conservative Party believes Labour is vulnerable on this issue.

Starmer’s Vision for a Revised Deal

Despite ruling out rejoining the customs union or single market, Sir Keir Starmer expressed confidence that a more favorable deal could be negotiated with Brussels.

He conveyed his perspective to the Financial Times, stating that the existing deal struck by Prime Minister Johnson is inadequate, describing it as “far too thin.”

Looking ahead to 2025, Starmer affirmed the Labour Party’s intent to pursue a more comprehensive agreement with the EU, including a closer trading relationship.


Commitment to Future Generations

In his statement, Sir Keir Starmer emphasized his determination to make the revised deal work, with a focus on securing a better future for upcoming generations.

He underscored his role as a father, expressing his refusal to let his children inherit a future marred by unfavorable conditions.

Tory Response and Accusations

The Conservative Party responded swiftly to Starmer’s announcement, characterizing his approach as an attempt to return the UK to the Brexit debate of the past.


They pointed to Starmer’s evolving stance on various Brexit-related issues, highlighting his shifts in position over the years.

The Tories questioned the potential costs and concessions that Starmer might be willing to make to the EU in exchange for renegotiating the UK’s relationship.

Clarification on EU Migrant Quotas

In a recent apparent U-turn, Sir Keir Starmer refuted claims that Labour intended to join an EU-wide migrant quota scheme as part of efforts to address small boat crossings in the English Channel.

The issue had sparked a dispute, with Rishi Sunak and Home Secretary Suella Braverman accusing Labour of planning to allow the UK to become a ‘dumping ground’ for 100,000 EU migrants annually.


Sir Keir clarified that such an arrangement was not under consideration and underscored that the UK was not an EU member.

Unite’s Pressure on Labour

Labour is also facing renewed pressure from its primary union supporter, Unite. The union is reportedly preparing to launch a grassroots campaign advocating for more radical energy and steel policies.

Unite’s general secretary, Sharon Graham, has previously called for public ownership of energy and criticized Sir Keir’s leadership. The union intends to focus its efforts on ‘red wall’ areas to exert influence on the party’s direction.

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