Disney Cast Member Criticizes Trend of ‘Free Hack’ Exploits at the Theme Park

Disney Cast Member Criticizes Trend of ‘Free Hack’ Exploits at the Theme Park


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A Cast Member’s Concerns

A Disney cast member with five years of experience has taken to social media to address a growing trend of visitors attempting ‘free hacks’ at Disneyland.

Tyson Blatter, hailing from Ohio, expressed his concern after a model named Heleni tried a TikTok tip at the Florida theme park.

Heleni’s attempt involved entering Disneyland wearing just a bikini with the hope of receiving a free t-shirt.

She alleged that the theme park staff attempted to compel her to purchase a top, dismissing her hack as ineffective.


Voice Actor’s Critique

Tyson, a voice actor, strongly criticized Heleni’s video and the ‘free hack,’ branding it as ‘lame’ and rating it zero out of ten.

In his own TikTok video response, he argued that such tricks ultimately cease to work “for pretty much everyone,” including those who may genuinely need free items.

Origins of the ‘Free Hack’

The trend of visitors donning non-modest clothing to Disneyland in an effort to secure complimentary Disney merchandise was not initiated by Heleni.


Instead, it can be traced back to a TikTok video posted by a mother named Amanda DiMeo on May 19, 2021.

Amanda’s video garnered 6.2 million likes and suggested that wearing clothing that exposed a bit of skin upon entry to the Magic Kingdom would result in receiving a free t-shirt.

The Impact on Magical Experiences

Tyson contended that viral hacks like those shared by DiMeo and Heleni are detrimental to the magical experiences of all Disneyland visitors.

While he clarified that he wasn’t promoting ‘hate’ toward users, he argued that when individuals portray such one-time occurrences as ‘hacks,’ an overwhelming number of people attempt them.


Consequently, the availability of potential free items diminishes for everyone, leading to disappointment.

The Real Disney Hack

Tyson emphasized that the true Disney hack is cherishing and appreciating the unique and spontaneous magical moments that happen during a visit.

Encounters that stand out as exceptional should not be advertised as routine occurrences that every visitor can expect.

The Ultimatum


Attempting the ‘free hack,’ according to Tyson, will ultimately force visitors into a situation where they must decide between purchasing appropriate attire or leaving Disneyland.

He advised visitors to simply bring an additional shirt and stressed that attempting the hack is a waste of time.

The Disney Approach to Making Amends

Tyson shed light on why Disney provides free items to visitors.

When an unpleasant incident occurs at the park, Disney strives to make amends for the inconvenience. The free items, such as t-shirts, are typically reserved for situations like a baby vomiting on someone or other similarly distressing occurrences.


The Community Response

Many viewers echoed Tyson’s perspective in the comments, expressing agreement with his viewpoint. They appreciated the idea that Disney magic lies in its unpredictability and that making every magical moment routine would diminish its charm.

Some also expressed concerns that widespread misuse of such ‘hacks’ could result in higher prices at the theme park, negatively affecting other visitors.

Positive Experiences with Disney Cast Members

Amid the debate, some shared their positive experiences with Disney cast members who went the extra mile to bring the magic back to their vacations.


These stories highlighted the special moments that make Disneyland truly enchanting.

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