James Stockliss Family Trust Rescues St. Joseph’s Church with $175,000 Donation

James Stockliss Family Trust Rescues St. Joseph’s Church with $175,000 Donation

The effort to secure St. Joseph’s Church was described by Kydoniefs as nothing short of a miracle, attributing its preservation to a series of fortuitous events.

Despite initial plans for its sale, the diocese granted them a narrow window of opportunity, challenging them to produce $175,000 promptly for its purchase.

Gratitude and Generosity:

Kydoniefs expressed immense gratitude towards the James Stockliss Family Trust, whose swift and generous donation covered the entire purchase amount.

This act of benevolence enabled the community to take ownership of the church, ensuring their financial independence and responsibility for its maintenance.

Canonical Status and Responsibilities:

Though now independently managed, St. Joseph’s Church maintains its canonical status as a chapel affiliated with the diocese.

Kydoniefs outlined the diocese’s stipulations, including the requirement for two annual Masses and their jurisdiction over worship services conducted at the church.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Despite the church’s current state of disrepair and code deficiencies, Kydoniefs remains optimistic about its future.

While acknowledging the need for substantial renovations, she envisions the church becoming a focal point for both religious observances and community events, with plans for regular gatherings.

Renewed Purpose and Community Engagement:

The reopening of St. Joseph’s Church symbolizes a triumph over adversity for the SSJB, marking a return to their spiritual home.

The community’s letter of welcome reflects their collective joy and gratitude for the opportunity to reclaim and revitalize the cherished church.


Looking ahead, the SSJB is determined to see St. Joseph’s Church restored to its former glory, ensuring its ongoing use and significance within the community.

With a shared vision and unwavering dedication, they are poised to breathe new life into this historic landmark.

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