Influencer Nicky Newman’s Legacy: Spreading Positivity in the Face of Adversity

Influencer Nicky Newman’s Legacy: Spreading Positivity in the Face of Adversity


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Influencer Nicky Newman’s Inspiring Journey

Nicky Newman, an influential figure who captured the hearts of many in the UK with her positive outlook on life while battling stage four breast cancer, has tragically passed away.

Her memorable catchphrase, “go grab life,” resonated with people, emphasizing the importance of seizing every opportunity and cherishing each day.

Emotional Announcement of Nicky’s Passing

Nicky’s husband, Alex, took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news of her passing at the age of 35. In a poignant post, he revealed that Nicky had prepared the message herself in anticipation of her eventual passing.


Her words remained remarkably upbeat, reflecting her unwavering commitment to spreading her message even in the face of her battle with cancer.

Nicky’s Uplifting Message

Throughout her journey, Nicky remained dedicated to inspiring others with her motto, “GO GRAB LIFE!” She consistently emphasized the unpredictability of life and the need to appreciate every moment, urging everyone not to take anything for granted.

Her positive influence on social media resonated with a wide audience.

A Challenging Start to Nicky’s Journey


Nicky’s journey with breast cancer began in April 2018 when she discovered a lump in her right breast during a routine shower.

Her initial intuition signaled bad news, and her fears were confirmed when she received a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer.

The initial shock intensified when she was informed that her cancer had already spread, and there was no curative treatment available.

Nicky’s Remarkable Resilience

Despite the grim prognosis, Nicky embarked on an extraordinary mission to bring joy to the lives of over 300,000 strangers online.


She utilized Instagram as a platform to share her cancer journey and inspire others to embrace life fully. Nicky continued to lead an active life, traveling to exotic destinations with her loved ones and celebrating even the smallest milestones.

Last Month’s Positive Update

Just last month, Nicky shared positive news about her cancer treatment progress.

She announced a significant shift in her condition, sharing her experience with humor and resilience. Her optimism and determination continued to shine through her updates, offering hope to her followers.

A Heartfelt Message to Her “Instagramily”


In her farewell message, Nicky expressed her gratitude to her followers, referring to them as her “Instagramily.”

She encouraged them to continue cherishing life, promising that she would always be with them through the positive energy they had collectively created.

Alex’s Tribute and Promise

Following Nicky’s final message, her husband, Alex, shared his own thoughts. He described their deep connection, having known each other since they were 14, and how they were drawn to each other throughout their lives.

He emphasized Nicky’s unwavering dedication to living life to the fullest, even in the face of adversity.


The Legacy of “Go Grab Life”

Nicky’s Instagram page became immensely popular due to her unwavering commitment to celebrating life’s moments, regardless of the challenges she faced.

Her legacy serves as a reminder that life is for positivity, smiles, and happiness, even during the most trying times.

Nicky’s husband expressed his intention to carry on her work and asked for the continued support of her followers.

Tributes from Fans


Thousands of fans flooded the comment section with heartfelt tributes to Nicky.

Many expressed their love and gratitude for her inspiration, highlighting her bright light in their lives. Nicky’s positive impact reached across oceans, uniting people in her message of “Go grab life” and leaving an indelible mark on those she touched.

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