Electoral Act Amendment, good for Nigeria’s democracy – House Spokesman

Electoral Act Amendment, good for Nigeria’s democracy – House Spokesman

The Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Benjamin Kalu says the amendment to Nigeria’s Electoral Act 2022 was good for the stability of the nation’s democracy.

Kalu while briefing National Assembly Correspondents on the amendment explained that the constitution of most political parties has provisions to the effect that President and ex-presidents and their deputies, governors and ex-governors and their deputies, lawmakers and ex-lawmakers and other officer holders are delegates at the primaries of parties.

He added that section 84 (8) of the Act would have disenfranchised some people who ordinarily should be automatic delegates in the primaries of political parties.

“The amendment today is for the House to properly look into this and have this section amended to make these set of people automatic delegates in primaries of political parties,” Kalu explained.

He lauded the decision of the Senate which had earlier declined to pass the same section of the Electoral Act that removed clause 84 (8) from the original Act.

The Chairman also commended the decision of the upper legislative chamber to stick to the 180 days provided in the new Act for political parties to field their candidates before the election.