Boucher questions detracting from Proteas play? ‘It’s bulls**t’ says Elgar

Despite the fact that the Proteas won both the Test and ODI series against India, most attention has been focused on Mark Boucher’s upcoming disciplinary hearing after the coach was charged with ‘gross misconduct.’
Boucher’s disciplinary proceedings have now been set for the 16th to the 20th of May, after the CSA acknowledged that several charges had been leveled against him earlier this year.
He was annoyed by having to answer the majority of questions about the Boucher saga during the Proteas’ virtual press conference before departing for their two-Test tour of New Zealand.

“It’s been ok, but the distractions have taken away everything we’ve achieved as a group and for me, that’s bulls***,” Elgar said.
“I know it’s extremely relevant in the public eye and it’s also relevant for us, but we’ve achieved so much, and that’s squashed by negativity in the media.
“I have to answer these things and that’s ok. I’ve got no issue doing that, because I understand the interaction between the media and me is important.
“However, this is a presser about us going to New Zealand, and if you want to talk about the hearing, let’s create another platform for that.
“I don’t mind speaking about those externals and I have no issue with that, but 60 percent of the questions in this presser have been about the hearing.
“You can understand my frustration as I would like to get the right message out and the questions I have received have had nothing to do with cricket.”


  • Historically repeatedly used racist and/or offensive and/or inappropriate nicknames regarding a Proteas team-mate.
  • Having had your racist and/or offensive and/or inappropriate utterances drawn to your attention, you failed to adequately and/or sufficiently and/or appropriately apologise for these utterances and/or acknowledge the racist nature of these utterances and/or hurt that they caused.
  • You have conducted yourself in a racist or subliminally racist manner; and/or
  • You have conducted yourself in a manner which is unbecoming of an employee in your position
  • Your conduct has brought CSA into disrepute.