“You Mean This Is Not You??” – Actress Ruth Kadiri And Her Look-Alike Sister Spark Reactions

Ruth Kadiri, a well-known actress, provoked outrage online after tweeting a photo of her identical sister on her birthday.
Ruth Kadiri came to Instagram to wish her sister a happy birthday and send her prayers, emphasizing how much she adores her.
My proud Aquarius, sister, and hardworking blessing, she wrote. I adore you and pray that God will continue to bless you. Amen @preshkad
However, the photo of Ruth Kadiri’s sister generated reactions from fans as if one does not look at the picture properly, and the lady could be mistaken to be the famously outspoken actress.
Many fans who did not read the post caption already mistook the lady to be Ruth Kadiri at they marveled at the resemblance.
paschalinealex24 wrote: I thought she was you oooo
prettynk30 wrote: At first, I tot it was you wow what a resemblance’
daddys_last_card wrote: You mean this is not you??
humblechyde wrote: Replica self
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