Unraveling Mysteries – Kandis Starr’s Spiritual Readings Sheds Light on Joslin Smith’s Disappearance

Unraveling Mysteries – Kandis Starr’s Spiritual Readings Sheds Light on Joslin Smith’s Disappearance

Popular US psychic Kandis Starr has once again shared her spiritual insights, this time delving into the case of Joslin Smith and her mother, Kelly, amidst the ongoing investigation of Joslin’s disappearance.

Despite extensive efforts from authorities and the community, Joslin remains missing, while startling developments have led to the arrest of individuals close to her.

Investigating the Unseen:

In her pursuit of paranormal justice, Kandis Starr has conducted a series of spiritual readings focusing on Joslin Smith.

Through these sessions, she aims to unravel the mystery behind the six-year-old’s disappearance.

Employing methods like true crime tarot readings, Starr has unearthed a set of words she believes are connected to the case.

Clues from the Spiritual Realm:

Among the words deciphered by Starr are chilling terms like “kidnapping,” “suffocation,” and even “murder,” painting a grim picture of Joslin’s fate.

With each revelation, Starr’s sense of urgency intensifies, as she perceives the depth of the tragedy.

A Mother’s Agony:

In a separate reading focused on Joslin’s mother, Kelly, Starr unveiled unsettling terms such as “drugs” and “thugs,” hinting at potential elements surrounding the case.

Through these insights, Starr attempts to shed light on the broader context of Joslin’s disappearance, implicating a darker reality.

Continued Pursuit of Truth:

Starr has not hesitated to share her interpretations of the locations where Joslin may have been taken after her disappearance, expressing frustration at what she perceives as a lack of heed to her insights.

Despite setbacks, Starr remains steadfast in her quest for answers, driven by a conviction that Joslin’s location holds the key to her safe return.

Ongoing Investigations:

While Starr’s revelations offer a unique perspective, the official investigation into Joslin’s disappearance continues.

With a fourth individual now implicated and more under scrutiny, authorities remain tight-lipped about operational details to preserve the integrity of the ongoing efforts.


As the search for Joslin Smith persists, the convergence of psychic insights and law enforcement efforts underscores the multifaceted nature of the quest for truth and justice.

In the face of uncertainty, stakeholders are united in their determination to bring closure to Joslin’s case and ensure accountability for those responsible.

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