Tragedy Strikes: Rapper Woozy the Goat Arrested for Murdering Grandparents and Hospitalized for Evaluation

Mental Breakdown Likely Led to Shooting of Grandparents
According to TMZ, Davionne, a young man, is suspected of shooting his grandparents. Wood, the detective in charge of the case, believes that Davionne had a mental breakdown before the incident.
However, they are still investigating to determine if there was any other motive behind the attack.
Detective’s Statement
Wood tells TMZ it appears Davionne had some sort of mental breakdown and shot his grandparents, though they’re still working to determine if there was an additional motive.
In his statement, Detective Wood suggests that Davionne had a mental breakdown, which may have triggered the shooting.
It is possible that Davionne was struggling with some form of mental illness or psychological distress that caused him to act out in this way.
Ongoing Investigation

He says someone at the psych ward alerted detectives to his whereabouts.
As the investigation continues, it has been revealed that someone at a psychiatric ward may have alerted detectives to Davionne’s whereabouts.
This suggests that Davionne may have received some form of treatment for his mental health issues prior to the shooting.
Possible Additional Motive
Wood also stated that they are still trying to determine if there was any additional motive behind the shooting. It is possible that there were other factors that contributed to Davionne’s actions, aside from his mental health.
The investigation will continue as authorities work to uncover the full story behind this tragic event.


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