‘Top Boy in real life!’ behind the scenes of some popular locations as Famous show returns for a mind blowing final season.

‘Top Boy in real life!’ behind the scenes of some popular locations as Famous show returns for a mind blowing final season.


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Exploring the Real-Life Locations Behind “Top Boy”

As Netflix gears up to air the final series of “Top Boy,” fans of the gritty drama are getting a closer look at the real-life locations that serve as the backdrop for the show’s intense storytelling. Since its inception in 2011, the fictitious ‘Summerhouse’ estate in Hackney has been the central stage where characters like Dushane Hill (played by Ashley Walters) and Gerard ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Kane Robinson) navigate the treacherous world of drug dealing and power struggles. This visual tour takes us behind the scenes of these iconic London locations.

Summerhouse Estate: Heygate Estate, Elephant and Castle

The fictional Summerhouse estate in Hackney, where the characters conduct their drug trade, was originally portrayed by the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle. This sprawling 1970s estate, once home to around 3,000 people, with its stark brutalist architecture, served as a prominent filming location for the first two seasons of “Top Boy.” However, it had to be abandoned as a location due to redevelopment efforts in the area.

Samuda Estate, Isle of Dogs


When Netflix revived the series, the filming location shifted to the Samuda estate on the Isle of Dogs in east London. Built in 1967 and home to approximately 33 residents, this “living” estate continued to function normally during the series’ filming. Some generous neighbors even offered their homes as storage and green rooms for the crew, showcasing the community’s support for the show.

Number One Café, London Fields

The wood-panelled café featured in the series, where Dushane and Sully frequently conduct their business, is none other than the real-life Number One Café in London Fields. This cozy bistro proudly embraces its association with the show, regularly sharing updates and photos on its Facebook page.

Old English Garden, Victoria Park

The bench where crew members Jamie, Stefan, and Aaron hang out can be found in the Old English Garden in Victoria Park. This serene location, with its historical significance dating back to the 19th century when it was established to fulfill the need for a park in the East End of London, contrasts with the tumultuous lives depicted in “Top Boy.”


Ridley Road Market, Dalston

The bustling Ridley Road Market, often referred to as ‘Dalston Market,’ serves as the market featured in the show. Located opposite Dalston Kingsland railway station, this vibrant market provides the perfect backdrop for characters passing through on their way to the Summerhouse estate and serves as a hub for various shady dealings.

Dushane’s Flat – Gee Street, Clerkenwell

Dushane’s flat, where much of the series’ action unfolds as his character evolves, is situated on Gee Street in Clerkenwell, north London. This real-life location is just a stone’s throw away from some of the trendiest bars and clubs in the capital.

Kiki’s Nail Salon – Canning Town


In season 3, Dushane forms a relationship with Shelley, who works at a nail bar despite his substantial wealth. In reality, Kiki’s Nail Salon on Freemasons Road in Canning Town is the locale for Shelley’s workplace.

Walworth Academy, Southwark

Various school scenes throughout the show are shot at Walworth Academy in Southwark. Some scenes even feature students from the school as extras, adding authenticity to the storytelling.

These real-life locations provide the gritty and authentic backdrop against which the dramatic narrative of “Top Boy” unfolds, making the series even more immersive for its devoted audience.

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