Stella Damascus Opens Up About Divorce and Offers Relationship Advice

Stella Damascus Opens Up About Divorce and Offers Relationship Advice

Stella Damascus, a renowned Nollywood actress, recently broke her silence on her divorce from ex-husband Daniel Ademinokan.


In a podcast interview with Teju Baby Face, she revealed the shocking way she learned about their marriage ending through a YouTube video.

Discovering the End of Her Marriage:

Stella Damascus was taken by surprise when she found out that her marriage with Daniel Ademinokan had come to an end.

The news came via a YouTube video, leaving her feeling bewildered and uncertain about the state of her relationship.

It wasn’t until friends reached out to her after the video went viral that she realized the seriousness of the situation.


Feeling perplexed, she decided to investigate further and stumbled upon hurtful and derogatory comments on YouTube, further deepening her sense of distress.

The Heartbreaking Phone Call:

During a phone call with Daniel, who was away on a long trip, Stella received the confirmation that their marriage was indeed over.

This revelation was a painful blow, as she had believed Daniel to be her soulmate due to their shared mindset and ability to do things together.

The unexpected end of their union left her emotionally devastated.

Navigating Love and Marriage:

Despite the heartache, Stella Damascus is determined to use her experience as a lesson for other women.


She advises them to be cautious of warning signs and not rush into marriage.

Drawing from her own journey, she shared her perspective on interpreting dreams and visions to fit one’s desires, cautioning against the temptation to ignore red flags.

In Stella’s view, it is essential for women to be more mindful and deliberate in their approach to relationships.

Rather than seeking quick answers or ignoring potential issues, she encourages women to prioritize their emotional well-being and take the time to thoroughly evaluate their partners.


Stella Damascus’ candid account of her divorce from Daniel Ademinokan sheds light on the complexities of love and marriage.


Her advice serves as a reminder for women to be cautious, observant, and patient in their relationships.

By sharing her personal journey, Stella hopes to empower others to make informed decisions and prioritize their happiness and well-being above all else.

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