Mohbad’s death: Omah Lay Reflects on Life and Loss, Urges Others to Live Fully

Mohbad’s death: Omah Lay Reflects on Life and Loss, Urges Others to Live Fully


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Omah Lay’s Life Advice: Live on Your Terms and Prioritize Happiness

During a recent interview on the Afrobeats Podcast with Adesope Olajide, Nigerian singer Stanley Omah Didia, known as Omah Lay, shared some profound life advice.

He emphasized the importance of living life on one’s own terms because, in his words, “people would move on after they die.”

Omah Lay expressed his regret that things have started returning to normalcy since the passing of Mohbad, a fellow artist.

Grief and Moving On


Omah Lay revealed that he was deeply affected by the news of Mohbad’s death.

He admitted that the loss had a significant impact on him, especially considering that he viewed Mohbad as family.

Despite the sorrow, Omah Lay acknowledged that life continues, and people eventually move on.

Embracing Life’s Challenges

In the same interview, Omah Lay opened up about the challenges he has faced due to his rapid rise to fame.


He discussed the impact fame had on his mental health and how it initially posed difficulties.

Coping with Fame at Your Own Pace

The “Soso” singer admitted that navigating fame was a daunting task at first. However, he ultimately accepted the realities of being in the spotlight and learned to move at his own pace.

Omah Lay’s journey serves as a reminder that fame can be challenging, but with time and self-acceptance, one can find balance and happiness in their own terms.

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