Mitt Romney Criticizes President Biden’s State of the Union, Labeling Domestic Policy a Recitation of the ‘Same Liberal Playbook’ in Washington, D.C.

Mitt Romney Criticizes President Biden’s State of the Union, Labeling Domestic Policy a Recitation of the ‘Same Liberal Playbook’ in Washington, D.C.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney expressed dissatisfaction with President Biden’s recent State of the Union address, characterizing the president’s domestic policy as a continuation of the ‘same liberal playbook.’

Romney, who attended the fiery speech delivered to a joint session of Congress, later shared his assessment in a video.

Romney acknowledged some new elements in Biden’s speech but emphasized the recurrence of the overarching theme: promises of more government provisions and crackdowns on big companies and wealthy individuals.

The Utah senator believes that people have grown weary of this message, recognizing the president’s challenges in delivering on such commitments, especially without securing Republican support.

Dismissing Biden’s Claims on Social Security and Tax Rates

Romney contested President Biden’s assertion that many Republicans aim to put Social Security ‘on the chopping block.’ He asserted firmly that there is not a single Republican in the House or Senate advocating for cuts to Social Security.

While some Republicans have previously discussed reevaluating benefits and even raising the retirement age, Romney dismissed Biden’s portrayal as off the mark.

The Republican senator also challenged Biden’s claim that billionaires only pay an 8 percent tax rate. Pushing back on the president’s call for increased corporate taxes, Romney labeled Biden’s statement as ‘just wrong.’

Biden has proposed raising the corporate tax rate, instituting a corporate minimum tax, imposing a 25 percent income tax for those with over $100 million, and eliminating certain tax breaks for the wealthy.

Romney’s Disappointment in Biden’s Approach to the Deficit

One of Romney’s primary criticisms was directed at Biden’s perceived lack of seriousness in addressing the national deficit and debt.

Expressing disappointment, Romney highlighted the enormity of the debt, warning that interest payments would soon surpass military spending.

The U.S. national debt has exceeded $34 trillion, and while Biden’s proposed tax hikes are intended to reduce the deficit, Romney dismissed them as unrealistic.

Romney asserted that Biden’s approach to tackling the deficit lacked depth, relying on quick proposals that, in his view, are unlikely to materialize.

He underscored the need for a more substantive strategy to address the significant economic challenges facing the country.

Positive Remarks on Foreign Policy

Despite his reservations about domestic policy, Romney acknowledged Biden’s positive stance on foreign policy issues.

He commended the president’s commitment to supporting Ukraine in resisting Putin’s aggression, considering it a vital American interest.

Romney also appreciated Biden’s remarks regarding Israel and expressed agreement with the need for humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza.