Missing Young Man from Mental Health Facility Found in North London

Missing Young Man from Mental Health Facility Found in North London

…By Henry George for TDPel Media.

The police have confirmed that a young man who went missing from a mental health facility in north London has been found safe and well.


Disappearance and Search Operation

The young man, known as Zakiya Milwood-McKenzie or Tyreal Lewis, disappeared from Dartmouth Park Hill in Archway on a Thursday afternoon.

Concerns were immediately raised about his well-being, and a search operation was launched in the area to locate him.

Initial Unsuccessful Search

Despite their efforts, the initial search by the police did not yield any results, leaving his whereabouts unknown for a period of time.


Successful Locating and Return

Fortunately, there has been a positive development in the case.

Zakiya Milwood-McKenzie, also known as Tyreal Lewis, has been found.

The police located him and ensured his safe return to the mental health facility from which he had absconded.

This update was issued by the Metropolitan Police on the following Saturday.


The young man’s safe return brings relief to his family, friends, and the authorities involved in the search operation.


It highlights the importance of swift and effective action in cases involving vulnerable individuals and reinforces the significance of mental health facilities in ensuring the well-being and safety of their residents.


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