Minister of State for Power Applauds Rural Electrification Agency’s Impactful Projects Across Nigeria

Minister of State for Power Applauds Rural Electrification Agency’s Impactful Projects Across Nigeria

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Recognition for the Agency’s Accomplishments

Goddy Jedy-Agba, the Minister of State for Power, has expressed admiration for the Rural Electrification Agency and its significant projects spanning across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.


According to the minister, the agency has demonstrated satisfactory performance, making a positive impact on numerous rural communities throughout the country.

Minister’s Appreciation and Reforms

During a press briefing on Thursday, Jedy-Agba praised the agency for its commendable work and emphasized the importance of reforms in the power sector.

He specifically commended the Rural Electrification Agency for its role in implementing reforms to advance the sector.

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The agency operates directly under the minister’s supervision and jurisdiction.

Wide Coverage and Intervention

The minister highlighted the agency’s widespread presence, stating that in each state of the country’s six geopolitical zones, two projects have been executed.

He stressed that no community in any of the geopolitical zones has been left untouched by the agency’s rural solar light intervention.


The projects include the installation of solar panels, mini-grids, and other electrification initiatives.

Special Attention and High Performance

Jedy-Agba underscored the significance of the Rural Electrification Agency’s achievements and called for special attention from the Federal Government.

He commended the agency as a whole, focusing on its outputs and performance rather than individuals within the organization.

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The minister invited those present at the briefing, who hailed from various communities and states, to identify their respective locations, confident that the agency had made a positive impact in those areas.

Appreciation and Conclusion

Concluding his address, Jedy-Agba reiterated his conviction that the Rural Electrification Agency has performed satisfactorily based on his evaluation.

He acknowledged that others may hold different opinions but stressed that the agency deserves recognition as a star performer requiring special attention.


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