Loose Women Star Linda Robson Breaks Silence on Divorce: Navigating Life’s Challenges

Loose Women Star Linda Robson Breaks Silence on Divorce: Navigating Life’s Challenges

Confirmation of Separation

After 33 years of marriage, Linda Robson, the 65-year-old Loose Women panellist, has confirmed her split from husband Mark Dunford.

In an interview with Woman magazine, she expressed, ‘He’s a really good dad and we had some good years, but enough is enough.’

Candid Reflection and Coping Strategies

Amid the separation, Linda emphasizes her focus on family and upcoming plans, stating, ‘I’ve got my family and my kids around me.’

She reveals her intention to stay busy, including a cruise with Lesley Joseph in November, expressing a positive outlook despite the changes.

Addressing Relationship Difficulties

Reports of relationship difficulties surfaced, with Linda acknowledging a rough patch before Christmas. Despite denials of a ‘marriage crisis,’ she openly admits that long-term relationships have their challenges, emphasizing the enduring love for their children.

Ups and Downs in the Relationship

Linda Robson provides insights into the ‘ups and downs’ of her relationship with Mark, emphasizing their shared love for their children.

She dismisses claims of a ‘sex break,’ humorously revealing her celibacy for two years and making light of the situation on the Loose Women panel.

Privacy and Personal Choices

In past discussions, Linda discloses her personal choices, including maintaining privacy in her marriage. She shares her approach to dressing and undressing, influenced by her Catholic upbringing, shedding light on her views on nudity.

Navigating Traumatic Events

The couple faced significant challenges when their children, Lauren and Louis, experienced traumatic events. Linda candidly discusses the struggles, including Lauren’s battle with bulimia and Louis witnessing the murder of his friend, leading to PTSD and panic attacks.

Loss and Personal Growth

Linda Robson’s personal journey includes the loss of her parents and overcoming challenges with resilience.

She reflects on the traumatic experiences that tested her marriage, emphasizing the positive progress her son Louis has made in the aftermath of a friend’s tragic death.

Detective Work and Previous Relationship Challenges

Linda shares past challenges, including her detective work during a previous relationship. She recounts instances of infidelity, revealing her determination to uncover the truth and highlighting the importance of clarity in navigating difficult situations.

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