Lady Gaga Defends Transgender Influencer Dylan Mulvaney Against Vicious Online Trolls on Instagram from Los Angeles

Lady Gaga Defends Transgender Influencer Dylan Mulvaney Against Vicious Online Trolls on Instagram from Los Angeles

In a recent Instagram post commemorating International Women’s Day, Lady Gaga expressed her support for transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The post featured the two posing together, and Gaga conveyed her admiration, stating, ‘I’m putting you on my vision board, for life.’ In response, Mulvaney expressed her love for Gaga. Unfortunately, the celebratory post became a target for online trolls who launched a barrage of abuse, questioning Mulvaney’s identity and even referring to Lady Gaga, who is a cisgender woman, as a ‘man.’

Gaga’s Response to Hatred and Degradation

Responding to the online vitriol, Lady Gaga condemned the ‘degradation’ and ‘violence’ aimed at the post in a new Instagram message. She expressed her dismay at the intense negativity surrounding a post dedicated to National Women’s Day, emphasizing that it reflects the ongoing challenges society faces in fully accepting and respecting transgender lives. Gaga highlighted the need for unity among women to ensure that International Women’s Day becomes a celebration of all women, regardless of gender identity.

Gaga acknowledged the immense strength and inspiration displayed by the transgender community in the face of constant adversity. She expressed a sense of protectiveness not only towards Mulvaney but also towards the broader transgender community, urging society to foster a more inclusive and compassionate environment. Gaga emphasized the importance of acknowledging and honoring the complexity and challenges of trans life, promoting understanding and compassion.

Mulvaney’s Gracious Response and Support

Mulvaney responded to Gaga’s message with gratitude, expressing that Gaga means the world to her and conveying love. Despite the hateful comments, Mulvaney remained positive, appreciating the support from Gaga and others who recognized the significance of the post.

Backlash and Insensitive Comments

The initial post had triggered a wave of backlash from online users who questioned the authenticity of the women in the photo. Some labeled Mulvaney and Gaga as ‘men,’ while others deemed the celebration of International Women’s Day as degrading to ‘real women.’ The comments reflected transphobia, with individuals asserting that Mulvaney was not a ‘real woman’ and insinuating that she was playing a role.

Mulvaney’s Journey and Controversial Bud Light Promotion

Dylan Mulvaney gained popularity on TikTok by documenting her transition in March 2022. However, she faced intense scrutiny and controversy when Bud Light created a limited run of cans featuring her face to celebrate ‘365 days of being a girl,’ a phrase she used to describe her transition. The backlash resulted in a significant financial hit for Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, with a $400 million loss in sales.

Despite the adversity, Mulvaney continued to share her experiences on social media, revealing the emotional toll of the backlash. While some criticized her partnership with Bud Light, others expressed pride and support for Mulvaney’s visibility and her collaboration with a major brand.

Corporate Response and Employee Backlash

The fallout from the Bud Light promotion also extended to Bud Light workers, who accused the company’s leadership of ‘cowardice’ in handling the controversy. Employees argued that the company should have provided better support for Mulvaney in the face of the backlash.

In conclusion, Lady Gaga’s defense of Dylan Mulvaney sheds light on the persistent challenges faced by transgender individuals in gaining acceptance and respect. The online backlash serves as a stark reminder of the work society still needs to do to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all gender identities.

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