Enrage locals blast bankrupt Birmingham council after wasting £10million on 2.5-mile cycle.

Enrage locals blast bankrupt Birmingham council after wasting £10million on 2.5-mile cycle.


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Birmingham Council’s Controversial Spending Decisions

Frustrated residents in Birmingham are criticizing their financially troubled council for allocating £10 million to a ‘cycle highway’ that has led to traffic disruptions and is wider than a typical bus lane. The contentious multi-million-pound cycle lane was inaugurated in 2019, but motorists argue that it has seen minimal usage and serves as a glaring example of the council’s fiscal mismanagement.

Concerns Over Financial Mismanagement

In addition to the cycle lane, Birmingham residents have expressed concerns over other instances of extravagant spending by the council. Notably, the council allocated £16 million to relocate a National Express bus depot by a mere 300 meters, ostensibly to make way for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. However, the athletes’ village, for which the original facility was moved, was never realized, and the site was eventually repurposed into affordable housing. The escalating costs of the bus depot relocation drew attention, with criticism of the move raised even in the House of Commons by Conservative MP Gary Sambrook, who questioned the substantial expense.

The Financial Crisis and Unwise Decisions


The financial troubles of Birmingham City Council have come to the forefront as the authority issued a section 114 notice, indicating its inability to meet financial obligations in the face of substantial equal pay claims amounting to £760 million. The council, Europe’s largest local authority, has been compelled to cease all non-essential new expenditures.

Cycle Highway and Commuter Chaos

The 2.5-mile ‘cycle highway’ along the A34, a major commuter route into the city, has been a point of contention since its opening four years ago. Motorists argue that the lane, situated between the city center and Perry Barr, causes significant traffic congestion during rush hours, forcing the bus lane further into the road. This results in areas of the road being reduced to a single lane for cars, with the cycle lane infringing on the pavement. Photographs from recent days illustrate heavy traffic, an empty cycle lane, and some cyclists choosing to ride on the main road or pavement instead.

Public Dissatisfaction and Financial Consequences

Birmingham residents have expressed their dissatisfaction with these expenditures, asserting that such costly decisions have contributed to the council’s precarious financial situation. The financial burden of hosting the Commonwealth Games and the lack of a lasting legacy from the event have further raised concerns among the city’s residents.


Impact of Financial Incompetence

Residents view the cycle lane as a misjudgment that has exacerbated traffic issues, with little to no impact on cycling habits. The decision to relocate the bus depot at a significant cost without a compelling reason has also fueled criticism. The cumulative effect of these financial decisions has eroded confidence in the council’s fiscal competence, and many residents anticipate adverse consequences for the city due to the council’s mismanagement.

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