Eco-zealots dump tomato soup over Van Gogh’s sunflowers at National Gallery

At the National Gallery in London, Just Stop Oil campaigners threw Heinz tomato soup over Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “Sunflowers.”

Just after 11 a.m. today, the protesters in Just Stop Oil T-shirts hurled two cans of Heinz tomato soup over the 1888 picture, which is said to be worth £76 million. They then knelt down in front of the artwork and seemed to attach their hands to the wall below it.

Security quickly led the visitors out before locking the doors to room 43 of the museum, where the picture is displayed.

Phoebe Plummer, a 21-year-old protester, exclaimed, “What is worth more, art or life?,” after pouring soup at the glass-covered picture. Is it more valuable than food? Beyond justice? Do you care more about the preservation of an artwork or the safety of our world and its inhabitants?

“The cost of oil problem is an element of the cost of life crisis.”

The picture was uninjured, according to the National Gallery, with the exception of “minimal damage” to the frame.

According to the Met Police, both Just Stop Oil protestors have been detained for aggravated trespass and criminal damage, and police are attempting to ‘de-bond’ them.

According to Ruth Millington, an art historian, destroying one of the world’s most beloved paintings—which I would describe as priceless—will not win the protesters the public’s favor. They need that in order to make lasting change.

“What occurred today is a fantastic illustration of why, fortunately, the picture is covered by glass.”

In the UK, people may have to choose between heating and feeding this winter as fossil fuel firms make record profits, according to activist Anna Holland, 20, of Newcastle.

However, the price of oil and gas isn’t only reflected in our bills. The current catastrophic hunger in Somalia is brought on by drought and fueled by the environmental calamity.

Tens of thousands are at risk of famine while millions are being forced to relocate. If we strive for fresh oil and gas, then this is the future we decide for ourselves.

Before the press was ordered to leave by National Gallery staff, the protestors were surrounded by a throng of photographers and journalists when they assaulted the artwork.

Soon later, while the climate activists were still glued to the National Gallery wall, police were summoned, and two individuals were taken into custody for criminal trespass.

Two persons entered Room 43 of the National Gallery at soon after 11 a.m. this morning, according to a spokeswoman for the institution. In close proximity to Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” the two looked to have glued themselves to the wall (1888). Additionally, they daubed the artwork with a crimson material that seemed to be tomato soup.

The guests were removed from the room, and police were summoned. Police are now on the site. The frame has some minor damage, but the artwork is untouched.

There have been two arrests.

Officers arrived to the National Gallery quickly this morning after two Just Stop Oil protesters threw something over a picture and then glued themselves to a wall, according to a tweet from the force’s Metropolitan Police Events account.

Both have been detained on suspicion of criminal trespass and property damage. Officers are now releasing them from bonds.

Over the course of the last three weeks, Just Stop Oil has staged demonstrations, including roadblocking in Parliament Square while police made scores of arrests.

“This is not a one-day event, this is an act of resistance against a criminal administration and their genocidal death mission,” the group said after the most recent prank at the National Gallery.

“Our supporters will be back today, tomorrow, the day after that, and every day until our demand is satisfied: no new oil and gas in the UK,” they said.

Following significant protests by Just Stop Oil in London earlier this week that caused traffic to be jammed in the heart of the city, the assault on the artwork was launched.

One mom said: “I have a handicapped kid who has to go to school. Why are you doing this to people?” to environmental extremists who yesterday stopped a major intersection.

footage showed 20 Just Stop Oil activists at the main roundabout in south London during rush hour being challenged by frustrated drivers, 10 of whom had taped themselves to the road.

As environmental activists yelled to the drivers to “leave him alone,” one enraged motorist can be seen ripping a flag from the protesters’ hands.

A lady approaches the group a little while later and begs them to move aside because she is trying to bring her handicapped kid to school in her vehicle.

She may be heard asking: “Why are you torturing people like this? As an ambulance siren sounds in the distance, the speaker says, “You’ve made your point.

The first of two demonstrations that eco-activists staged today, obstructing traffic on St. George’s Circus between Waterloo and Elephant and Castle, while another group of protesters later squatted in the road outside Downing Street.

According to Scotland Yard, there were fifteen protestors on Whitehall who were “intermittently sitting in each lane of the highway.” Police liaison officers could be seen conversing to the group, which was once again carrying banners and flags.

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