Crime news: 2022 crime contract uploads and October duty rotas

Crime news: 2022 crime contract uploads and October duty rotas

Crime contracts are now being uploaded into Contracted Work and Administration (CWA) for all applicants who:

  • successfully tendered for the Standard Crime Contract 2022
  • completed verification

At present 90% of providers who were offered a contract subject to verification have completed their pre-contract checks.

Contract acceptances and October rotas

We are asking all applicants to accept their contract by no later than 11.59pm on 4 September if they wish to be added to the October rota.

Notifications will be sent through CWA containing a link to the page to accept the contract. Successful applicants will also be notified through the Bravo message board system that their contract is ready for acceptance.

Guidance on how to accept the contract, and what to do if you need to set up a designatory signatory, is available on GOV.UK – see below.

What if I miss the deadline?

During August 2022, we will be inviting all organisations which completed pre-contract checks but missed the October rota deadline to join the January rotas.

Providers on the October rota wishing to refresh their duty solicitor details for the January rotas will have until early October to do this via a separate process. We will publish full details of how this process will work by the end of August 2022.

Further contract uploads

We will be making further crime contract uploads when the remaining applicants complete their pre-contract checks.

Details of crime contract holders

We will publish details during October 2022 of all organisations holding contracts for duty solicitor and own client work from the contract start date of 1 October.